Tesha Miller Charged Again

Alleged gangster Tesha Miller fined maximum J$100 – Shock Court

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Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – On Tuesday April 17, 2017 Tesha Miller was fined maximum J$100 by the Jamaican court for making false declaration to immigration officials, this comes after he plead guilty to one of two counts of making false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials at the  Norman Manley International Airport, where he declared his name as ‘Marlon Williams’ during his deportation back to Jamaica.


The reputed crime boss of the Clansman Gang fled Jamaica under another name to the U.S.; he was arrested, and subsequently deported back to Jamaica – Miller again fled the island to the Bahamas , where authorities working with the Jamaican law enforcement nabbed him and sent him back to Jamaica a few weeks ago.


Parish Judge, Sancia Burrell reportedly told Miller,  “I hope you are prepared to satisfy the maximum fine and I hope you are able to call a relative or family member to help you if you can’t manage it.”


The sentence was handed down by Parish Judge Sancia Burrell in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this afternoon, which set off open talks and gasps among the person’s present in the courtroom for his sentence – mouth were seen wide opened a they came to grip with believing such a sentence.


Judge Burrell sharply said to the courtroom, “Write to the persons you voted for and tell them to have a conversation about the fine, but we are not going to discuss it here.”


Miller, an alleged supporter of the People’s National Party pleaded not guilty on the second count of making false declaration and was freed of this charge when prosecutors presented no evidence against him.


After being in custody for one week after his deportation from the Bahamas, his attorney went to court to file an application for his release and was face with the charges for his client. Tesha Miller has been in police custody since April 4, 2017 on his return to Jamaica.


 # Tesha Miller Fined $100 Jamaican Dollar for Making False Declaration to Immigration.

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