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Ten Persons Injured in Eight-Vehicle Collision in Downtown Montego Bay

Fatal Motorcycle Crash on Rose Hall Main Road

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Ten persons were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital and treated for injuries they received in an eight-vehicular collision in downtown Montego Bay on Tuesday, August 7.

Reports are that about  2:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, a fire unit was responding to an emergency fire from the directions of Freeport.

On reaching the stop light intersection along Market Street and Kings Street,  the driver of the firetruck ran the red light and collided with a taxi motor car which was in the process of turning from Kings Street.

The two vehicles ended up crashing into six other vehicles, which includes, four private vehicles.  Two occupants got trapped in one of the ill-fated vehicles and had to be rescued by the firemen.

The accident resulted in a massive traffic pile-up along Kings Street, Market Street, Union Street and Church Street.

Ten persons in total received injuries in the crash and had to be rushed to hospital where they were treated.

Officers attached to the Freeport Traffic Department are now carrying out an investigation at the accident scene.


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