Teen who hacked Kanye West’s twitter account jailed

A teenager who hacked Kanye West‘s Twitter account as part of a cryptocurrency scam has been jailed.

18-year old Ivan Clark has agreed to a plea deal of three years behind bars for his role in the scam through which he fraudulently received $100,000 in Bitcoin over the course of one day.

Clark, who was 17 at the time of the hack, was classed as a “youthful offender”, helping him avoid a minimum 10-year sentence.

He will serve three years probation following his release, but could face 10 years if he violates its terms.

The teenager posted fake tweets in order to convince users to send Bitcoin to accounts he owned.

Clark also targetted high-profile figures such as president Joe Biden, former president Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk, as well as various large companies including Apple and Uber.

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