TeeJay Unveils His ‘Gangster Prayer’ In New Single: Watch

Dancehall vocalist TeeJay graces us with his symphonious sound once again. His single Gangster Prayer wafts refreshing tones on the serene High Supremacy Riddim to deliver his words of prayer.

The music video which was directed by Cinema Gods, premiered yesterday March 27th on Teejay’s VEVO with production credits under Damage Music and Zojak World Wide Distribution. The short clip captures the Up Top deejay way up in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Peak at the Holywell Park, drawing him closer to the Father whom he pleas a prayer of protection.

While doing so, other scenes in the video tales a scenario of mercy subsequent through faith, simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Wrong Place: A Christian bedrin upon entering a local shop bumps right into a robber making his escape. The robber’s bag of stolen goods is knocked to the floor but he flees without retrieving its contents.

The Wrong Time: The Christian Brother thoughtlessly takes the bag off the floor only to then lock eyes with a cop who was just standing close by. The cop seizes the man and consequently arrests him.

Mercy: As the Christian is being escorted to jail, the shopkeeper comes to his rescue, vouching for his innocence upon which he is set free.

TeeJay’s Message: Read your bible and have faith in the Lord as he will always protect you. The video ends with the Christian man sitting with his Bible and sifting through the book of Ezra where reads a prayer of protection.

TeeJay has a way of always imparting profound life lessons in his music as a way of connecting with his listeners. His fan base is steadily increasing as well as his journey to stardom. His music continues to not only impact the masses but also demonstrate ranges in his vocal forte, which ultimately sets him apart from many of his counterparts.

Almost everyone knows who the Up Top Boss is, since the release of his mega hit Up Top in 2018, not only does his name carry the tagline, but it has made him a staple in the world of dancehall. The epic narrative of the track has been streamed a whopping 10 million+ times. Other tracks like Owna Lane (13.7M views), My Type (8.1M views), Henne & Weed (6.8M views) followed with great success, opening several doors for the Montegonian. This has led to many performances island wide and abroad and several collaborative requests from other top artistes in the industry.

Check out the music video for TeeJay‘s Gangster Prayer below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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