TeeJay Let’s Us Know That He Is ‘Happy’ With His New Single: Listen

The Uptop Boss, TeeJay, confirms that he is in a good mood with his new single titled Happy. The official audio was released today on the artiste’s YouTube channel TeejayOfficial.

The single is a feel-good party song on the Wasabi Riddim and is a Slyda Di Wizard Music production.

The Up Top Boss introduces Happy to us by saying “We a live the best life”. This line sets the stage for what is to come:  an upbeat song with a party vibe that mentally takes you to your favorite club or party scene.

The Owna Lane deejay shows off the ease at which he blends the melody of his voice with the beat.

“Happy like the f—ing holiday” he starts the hook. Again confirming the positive vibes of the track. He goes on to talk about money -“money deh yah nuff, I’m just chilling”, weed- “High grade a rub out inah hand when mi step inah di party”, liquor- “Henny a drink and mi f–k up, nuh talk”, and girls- “Kim a call and a tell mi seh she drunk, seh she have a fren waa do a threesome”. These are all the ingredients of having a good time in the typical dancehall scene and the song is sure to get some “gun fingers” pointing towards the sky.

The deejay also took the timeout to remind us that he and his crew are no pushovers “Feel seh yuh bad jus see Chippy and dis him”.

TeeJay has recently posted some controversial photographs on his Instagram profile of him standing on his Mercedez Benz SUV. The photos seemed to have created a rift between some of his fans as to whether the photos were appropriate in the given circumstances.

The release of this new track, however, shows that the dancehall star was not fazed by any of the negativity and remains focused on putting out good music and being happy like “the f-cking holiday”.


Source: Dancehallmag

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