TeeJay Fans Stoke Feud By Painting Over Alkaline’s Face In Rosalie Community

Spirited fans of the Up Top Boss TeeJay seem to be holding deep grudges towards Vendetta’s commander-in-chief Alkaline. In a video making the rounds on YouTube, a wall portrait of what appears to be Alkaline is seen being removed (painted over) by someone seemingly from Rosalie Avenue in Waltham Park, Jamaica.

This supposedly understated video is in fact loaded with controversy, as there are quite a few significant things to deliberate, especially with the voice over that accompanies it.

Someone in the background is heard saying: “Up Top forever man, paint out fi him face man yuh hear”. As the camera angles over to another portrait on the said wall of DJ Frass, the person also says, “Frass, you know yuh a go deh deh sed way but a one new pic. Weh him say a fi him place Reds, paint out yuh owna face, right song yuh do Alka”

He continues, singing “how him a say a fi him place .. life paint out fi him face”… “Up Top a run the place right now and we doah play yuh hear, watch e next preview after dis, now di badness come dung”.

Now let’s begin with the symbolism linked with the painting over of Alkaline’s face. Apart from the obvious disrespect to the Vendetta boss, the attempt made blatant to embarrass the deejay is profound. Not only is the painting on the wall a tribute to the Vendetta boss from the Rosalie community but also the idea to wipe his face from the surface came from Alkaline’s very own lyrics.

In Alkaline’s 2016 single Ricochet produced by DJ Frass, he disses a rival in several verses but one in particular says ‘Wait, den how him still a say a fi him place, dem paint out fi him face”, suggesting that his rival is a fool to think he still has the backings from his community, after all they painted over his face.

Also, we can confirm that the wall is in fact in the Rosalie community as it shows the name in print in the video, stating ‘Rosalie Have De Formula’, with images of Alkaline and DJ Frass on both ends of the text. The graffiti was done as a tribute to Alkaline when he mentioned the community in his hit single Formula, which released in 2016, identifying them as one of the elite few that ‘have the formula’ to success.

While Alkaline doesn’t hail from Rosalie (he grew up in Sandy Park according to sources) he holds the area in high regard (and so DID they). So for this video to show them saluting the Up Top Boss and removing his portrait expresses a heavy surge of disappointment and somewhat exiling the deejay from the area.

Interestingly there could be a second phase to this controversy. Where the person in the video said DJ Frass’s pic would be replaced with a new and perhaps improved image of the producer, does this mean that Alkaline’s would be replaced with the Up Top Boss?

Teejay, two days ago, released Bing Bing with a subliminal reference to Alkaline only in the animation of the single’s official lyric video while Alkaline more directly took shots at TeeJay (and Popcaan) when he dropped Monopoly last week.

The person behind the video also said to stay tuned for the “next preview afta dis, now di badness come dung”.  Watch below.



Source: Dancehallmag

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