TeeJay Entertains Fans With Funny Spoof Of The ‘Crying Milano Guy’

Timoy Jones, better known as Teejay, has proven himself over and over to be a force to be reckoned with in the Dancehall industry.  TeeJay has never shied away from showing us different versions of his personality: from his hardcore songs like Up Top to his more spiritual side in Gangster Prayer.

Now the Uptop Boss has given us a taste of his acting skills by posting a spoof of the viral “crying milano guy”. The ‘Milano guy’ video shows a male in his car apparently crying and begging his girlfriend to forgive him, while Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together played in the background.

Teejay’s version, which has been circulating on Instagram last week, was on point and frankly very funny. TeeJay can be seen on camera in a black t-shirt pretending to cry. The deejay mouthed the words of the original viral video, “Bae look I’m wearing the Milano sweatsuit you got me …And I was stupid, I was foolish, I was lying to myself.”

One fan commented, making a very valid point, “Teejay a bad artist but just know if u end up in a clash this ago viral”.  Dancehall clash culture is a very unforgiving one and TeeJay, who has had recent spats with the Vendetta Boss, Alkaline, may want to have something ready just in case this video is referenced by a rival in the future.

In another funny video, TeeJay and a friend introduced themselves as the “3-minute Squad”. “Hi, my name is Teejay 3-minute and this is Sykes 3-minute and we are the 3-minute squad.”, he says in the clip that ends with a whistle.  Some fans believe the video trolled accusations made by a woman who claimed that the artiste only lasted 3-minutes in bed earlier this year.

The ‘3-minute squad’ video could also be spun and taken out of context in a clash.

TeeJay is probably very much aware of this and, still chose to post the videos. Clearly, the Henne & Weed singer artiste is not phased by the threat of the content being misused and that he is dedicated to the entertainment of his followers.

It is a breath of fresh air to see artiste show different sides to themselves and not stick to the rigid tough-guy or wicked gyal persona that seems to be a default in Dancehall.


Source: Dancehallmag

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