TeeJay Drops New Soca Song ‘Ride “Movay Tuh”’: Listen

The applaud light is ON. TeeJay has officially joined the roster of dancehall artistes to join the Soca music society. His single Ride ‘Movay Tuh’ officially debuted today, May 1st on YouTube under the production of Twelve 9 Records and Dan Evens Music.

To describe his latest musical release, TeeJay says in track, “mix up the dennery (a St. Lucian style of Soca music) with a little dancehall”.  That’s exactly what the new single is, a rich rhythmical calypso tune displaying TeeJay’s vocal wits while he laces the riddim with his dancehall enhanced lyrics.

Along with the title of the track, Movay Tuh (a St. Lucian expression) the deejay also chimes in some signature French creole Soca terms, “sa ka fet” and “sak passe” (what’s happening and what’s up) for the makings of an authentic Caribbean folk-song infused into dancehall.

It’s one thing that he has expanded his musical repertoire but creating something with such an appeal is quite an accomplishment. The single is one of those feel-good songs that resonates and linger on your mind after just one listen.

Like a true Soca song, the Up Top Boss instructs his muse, and now anyone that listens, how to dance to the beat: ‘bubble yuh body cause yuh waist nah stuck … …ride like yuh a ride bike, vroom vroom … back it up right deh suh pon di dresser … kotch it pon di wall mek yuh boom like ball,’ he says. The only thing missing now is an instructional music video to bring these moves to life.

Fans are loving TeeJay’s new sound, a rapidly increasing number of streams have amassed over 16k views already. Like many local Jamaican fans, St. Lucians are also flooding to leave their praises on his YouTube page, raising their flag emojis to represent their country.

One fan said “Dawg much respect to you for hoping on this beat. it shows how versatile you are with music and your not stuck on dancehall alone.  you’ve gained a fan today”.

Another also said, “Saint Lucia music to the world. thanks for the forward teejay #758 #dennerysegment #movaytuh.” Another fan, added “U love Saint Lucia MI see daT big up your self TEEJAY DENNERY SEGMENT BIGUP.”

Check out the official audio for Ride ‘Movay Tuh’ below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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