TeeJay Drops Fully Loaded Diss Track ‘Guard Ring’, Possibly Aimed At Jahmiel: Watch

TeeJay’s buttons have officially been pressed as he expresses great ire towards an opponent in this latest release. The single along with the music video for Guard Ring premiered today April 25th on TeejayOfficial VEVO shooting bullets in all directions yet not quite hitting any targets, however the dancehall artiste does seem to be taking aim at one interesting individual.

He’s got the picture of the target but doesn’t seem ready to fire any shots he says, “Whatsapp active, nuh mek yuh name go pon di list”. But don’t test him, the Up Top Boss reveals as much: “Murder mi know bout, mi a nuh only artiste … di German 4-4, di angry varnish, mi nuh haffi lack mi eye fi put yuh duppy pon dis”. Further elaborating that he’ll just “shell dung yuh ends and jump in a car quick”.

While not calling names, he clues us in on who his archenemy might be, and surprisingly it doesn’t seem to be Alkaline in this round. Instead, his aim has been shifted to another MVP member, which appears to be dancehall artiste Jahmiel.

In the lyrics TeeJay says “Bwoy a tell mi bout dem psychopathic … and dem nah shoot people and bun down house and light nuh matches”. Jahmiel in several songs have referred to himself as a psychopath and since his recent feud with Chronic Law has been questioned if he has ever even fired a gun.

In siding with Chronic, who boldly threatened to blow up his rival’s house (Jahmiel’s) and leave his family homeless, in his single Relevant, it seems TeeJay is comparing Jahmiel’s meek badman demeanor to Law’s.

Teejay further adds that “Dem better try nu go ah road bout dem a buy nuh [email protected], cah man ah go shoot dem in a dem head … smady find dem a b*tch”. This he says to indicate that his opponent doesn’t have a girl.

Of late suspicions have been circulating about Jahmiel’s relationship status since Vybz Kartel insinuated that he and Alkaline both had not fathered a child. The Worl’ Boss even went as far as to suggest that the MVP crew (Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel) were priests and all a little ‘too friendly’ with each other and needed to go find girls.

While these finding are speculative however, it intriguingly questions the artiste’s motives for targeting Jahmiel as it would be baiting to do so through association.

Combined with the subliminal verses in the song, Guard Ring is a pretty heavy diss track. TeeJay has lyrically exercised his gun and killing skills with great impact complete with some provoking ‘food for thought rhymes, e.g. “A nuh di gun, a killer weh fire dat, some man tun bad man now true dem buy a strap”.

Also to demonstrate that he’s no ordinary gunner, gives some deets as to how deep his murderous plots extend: “300k fi a casket, 25k fi a box a shot … Saturday ah di best day fi kill dem cause a Sabbath”.

Check out more of TeeJay’s newest release Guard Ring below for more –


Source: Dancehallmag

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