TeeJay Drops A Real Bad Man Tune ‘Better Them Than Me’: Listen

Timoy Janeyo Jones otherwise known as TeeJay or the Up Top Boss in the world of dancehall music has yet another single added to his roster of releases this year. The title of his new track is Better Them Than Me and it debuted today April 2nd on his YouTube page, TeejayOfficial by his label Romeich Entertainment.

If you didn’t know the Up Top Boss was as bad as they come then you’re in for a rude awakening. Better Them Than Me is TeeJay simply telling his nemesis that he doesn’t need an entourage if and when he comes for them, he’s more than capable of fighting his battles alone.

“All me need a mi weed and mi matic in a hand, mi alone a guh murda a man”, is how he starts his bad man rhymes. He then continues to describe even more gruesome acts of murder in broad daylight and through grinning teeth to which he hails the title of the track ‘Better Them than Me’.

This new release comes at the most opportune time, since it was just a few days ago that dancehall artiste Alkaline supposedly hinted disses towards the Owna Lane deejay in his new track Monopoly. In the track Alkaline throws out accusations that many so-called deejays that call themselves bad men are in fact big time fakers, TeeJay included.

While some fans are anticipating a reaction from the Up Top Boss, this doesn’t seem to be it. However, the murderous dispatch of Better Them Than Me may certainly spark anew opinions of him, but will it convince Alkaline? …

TeeJay is quite the chameleon of dancehall, wearing many hats and singing many types of tunes. We’ve heard love songs along with conscious and cultural sounding tunes plus hardcore tracks from the deejay. As we observe him exploring all these categories of music and dominating each, we also realize a versatility in his craft like no other.

There is slowing the prolific entertainer as he’s steadily releasing tracks every couple of days/weeks. If he continues on this creative high we may just be witnessing the makings of one the greats to come.

Check out TeeJay’s bad man rhymes in his new track out now, Better Them Than Me below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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