TeeJay Crams Lyrics Into New Alkaline Diss Track ‘Expensive Style’: Listen

Dancehall artiste TeeJay seems to be on a quest to let everyone know just how much of a lyrical genius he actually is.  His latest single Expensive Style, debuted today April 28th on YouTube and while laden with some disrespectful rhymes also platforms a certain lyrical dexterity that is also quite thought provoking.

As a reminder of just how bad he stands and like a proper introduction for a diss track, the Up Top Boss outlines a few need-to-know details. “Murda mek we go jail a nuh manslaughter,”(i.e. intent killing not accidental) “rifle from Slovakia we carry pon charter”, “Texas ah nuh ranger ah axe walker” (not to be mistaken for Walker, Texas Ranger just call him ‘Axe’ Walker) are just some of the sharp lyrics he crams into the intro of the track.

However, he doesn’t get into the meat of the matter before hinting whom this diss track is aimed towards. He says “Bwoy run lef yaad. A who faster him or Asafa?’ To answer that very obvious trivia question, the answer would be none other than dancehall artiste Alkaline. Many might say that hint isn’t enough; well there is more to uncover…

In another reiteration to underline his flight risk opponent, he adds “dem shoes yah traffic and dem nuh car steer and mi nuh see dem in a di road fi di past years”. Alkaline fans can all agree, the deejay has been MIA on the local scene for a while since taking up residence abroad.

Then in efforts of annihilating the Vendetta Boss, especially after he called out TeeJay for being a fake gangster in his single Monopoly, the Up Top Boss cleverly borrows Alkaline’s own lyrics to slaughter him.

TeeJay sings, “Tek weh dem life, nuh baddy nah care, dem nuh have a chic or a chile, dats why dem only a kill man in a dem intention or when dem sing dem song. Idle killing different from contract or revenge plan …” The re-quote was derived from a line in a 2016 song by Alkaline titled Tom Taam where he said, “a really me dem wah war wid? Mi nuh have a chic nor a child or care in a di worl a bare f-ckery mi gwan wid.”

TeeJay continues to throw some grimy badman rhymes throughout the track, emphasizing the capabilities of his Slovakian guns among others, also making it known that his killers are beyond ordinary, going on murderous exploits to kill people in their living rooms and leaving them dead like it’s a cemetery.

Before ending, he takes another jab at his opponent and his MVP friends “dem bwoy deh a p-ssy, dem a freak and geek”. From that bunch we know Alkaline is the freak, widely known back in the day for wearing those freakish black pupil-enlarging contact lens.

Not to be missed, the title of the track while apparently missing of any mention during the song was cleared up in the end. TeeJays tells his producer ShabDon Records(also Dan Sky Records) that the single is just an ‘expensive style’ since the incessant spitting of lyrics in the track doesn’t have a chorus.

Check out the Up Tops Boss’s new diss track Expensive Style below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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