Taximan Shot Dead, Houses Firebombed in Gregory Park, St Catherine

A taxi driver was fatally shot and dozens of people left without shelter, after gunmen launched an attack in Gregory Park, St Catherine on Saturday morning.

Dead is 28-year-old Raneel Haughton, otherwise called ‘Rum Punch’, of a Walkers Avenue address in the community.

According to reports, at approximately 3:50a.m, Haughton and a companion were seated on a car on Walkers Avenue when gunshots were fired.

During their attempt to flee, Haughton was shot multiple times and collapsed after suffering wounds to his upper body and right arm.

Moments later, a group of men armed with rifles and handguns, invaded the victims’ homes, threw gas oil on the houses, then set them ablaze. The gunmen then opened gunfire which awoke the victims.

As the residents flee the burning houses, the gunmen opened fire on them, forcing them to return inside. One female reportedly received burns all over her body. The shooters then fled on foot.

Both victims were taken to the Spanish Town Hospital, where Haughton was declared dead and the woman was admitted in serious condition.

Based on current assessments, a total of eight houses have been destroyed and three have incurred partial damage due to fire.

Several expended casings have also been retrieved.

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