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Taxi Operator and Daughter Shot By Gunmen Posing As Policemen In Westmoreland

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Taxi Operator and Daughter Shot By Gunmen Posing As Policemen In WestmorelandA 59-year-old Taxi operator, and his 17- year old teenage daughter from the parish of Westmoreland, are now both at the  Savanna- la-mar Hospital, nursing gunshot wounds, after two men posing as police officers forced their way into their home on Thursday morning, and shot them both.

Reports by the Grange Hill police are that shortly after 12:30 am, on Thursday November 16, the taxi operator and his teenage daughter were asleep at their home, at Carlton Street in Grange Hill, Westmoreland. They were awakened  by loud banging on the door, and male voices on the outside identifying themselves as police officers, ordering them to open the door.

The taxi operator got up  and opened the door.  Two armed men then forced their way into  the house. The taxi operator reached for a machete, and chopped one of the gunmen. Both armed men then opened  fire on the taxi operator and his daughter.

The gunmen then ran from the house and escaped on foot. Several neighbors who overhead the gunshots, rushed to investigate, and found both victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were both rushed to the Savanna- la- mar hospital, where they were admitted.  The police say they are now in search of both gunmen, one of whose identity is already known to them.


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