Taxi Operator Who Assaulted Juliet Cuthbert, Arrested and Charged

Larue Spencer, the St Andrew Taxi operator who assaulted former Olympian, and St Andrew West Rural Member of Parliament, Juliet Cuthbert – Flynn, and her family members with a knife in Portmore, St Catherine, last month, has been arrested and charged.
Spencer who is booked to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court today, Tuesday, September 24, has been charged with assault at common law.
Reports by the police are that during the month of August, Cuthbert – Flynn and her family were travelling along a section of the Portmore roadway when Spencer drove up in his motorcar and used it to block their path.
He then pulled out a large kitchen knife and made advances towards the vehicle. Residents came to her assistance and a report was made to the police.
Following an investigation, Spencer was taken into custody and charged.

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