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Female Passenger and Taxi Operator Shot by Gunman

Crime Scene

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Female Passenger and Taxi Operator ShotA taxi operator who plies the Cornwall Courts community to downtown Montego Bay, and a female passenger from Cornwall Courts are at the Cornwall Regional Hospital nursing
gunshot wounds following an incident on Saturday night where they were held up by a gunman along the said route on Saturday night.

Reports are that shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, the driver picked up a male and female passenger in the Cornwall Courts area and headed for downtown Montego Bay. On reaching a section of the main road the male passenger asked for a stop and the driver complied. While in the process of exiting the vehicle the man brandished a handgun and held the driver at gunpoint.

Taxi Operator Shot: He then demanded money, but the driver refused and attempted to drive away. The gunman opened fire hitting the driver several times to his upper body and also hitting the female passenger. The driver managed to drive from the scene but on reaching a section of King Street he lost consciousness and the vehicle crashed into an embankment.

The injured taxi driver and female passenger were assisted by passing motorists who transported both victims to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were treated and admitted.

The incident was reported to the Barrett Street police who are investigating the matter.





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