Taxi Operator Charged for Rape, Stabbed to Death by Victim Mother who is his Ex-Common-Law Wife

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Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: A man was stabbed to death by a woman, who is said to be his ex-common law wife and the mother of a teenage girl who was sexually molested by the deceased.

The deceased has been identified as Paul Rose, 46-year-old taxi operator who resided at Love Lane, in Montego Bay.

Rose who was recently granted bail in the St James Parish Court after spending three months in jail, on two cases of sexual assault, was stabbed to death by his 39-year-old ex-common-law wife, who also resides at Love Lane.

The accused woman was taken into custody by the police shortly after the incident.

It is reported that earlier this year Rose was arrested and charged after it was reported that he had gotten a 15-year-old teenage girl pregnant in the community

Things got worst for him after another complaint was filed to the police,  this time by his common-law wife, that he was also sexually molested her daughter.

A second charge was laid against him and he was placed in lockup for a period of three months.

On Friday, November 16, Rose who was issued bail on one condition that he should not visit his ex-common law wife at Love Lane, ignored the restrictions issued by the court and traveled to the community.

On entering the yard, he immediately engaged the woman in an argument over the presence of another man, who he saw at the house,  and who was identified as Evan’s current boyfriend.

The argument escalated into a physical confrontation, a knife was brought into play and used by Evans to stab Rose multiple times to his upper body.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the wounded man was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

By Antonio Mckoy 

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