Donald-Anthony-Reid, St James Wanted List

Taxi Driver on St James Wanted List For Rape Captured in St. Elizabeth

Jamaica News, January 30, 2018

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – police are reporting that a Taxi Operator who is listed on the St James Wanted List for rape and buggery, who fled St James for St Elizabeth has been apprehended and is now in the St James police custody.

Reportedly, Donald Anthony Reid, 47-year-old St James Taxi operator who plied the Cornwall Court to downtown Montego Bay route in St James, is listed on the St James Wanted List, and made an escape to the nearby parish of St Elizabeth to elude capture.

He has been avoiding arrest since September 2017 when he was accused of rape of an 11-year-old girl.

Reid is wanted by the St James police for rape and buggery charges.

He was nabbed in a joint military operation on January 24, which is now in concentration in the parishes of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland, as gang members and wanted persons are shifting to neighbouring parishes since the State of Emergency was declared in the parish of St. James by the prime minister, Andrew Holness.

The State of Emergency resulted in the military and the police force blanketing many areas in St James and carry out multiple law enforcement operations in the most volatile areas.

Reid has since been handed over to the St James police and is booked to appear in the St James Parish Court on Wednesday, January 31.

So far police report close to 500 persons were detained during the State of Emergency, which could last well into February.

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