Taxi Driver Chased by Duppy in Montego Bay

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Taxi Driver Chased by Duppy


“mi seh di duppy wanted to tek ova mi car like him help mi buy it!!!”


The McKoy’s News Team had the opportunity of hearing a scary story of a taxi driver who reported that Duppy was chasing him.

Robert, a taxi driver for 36 years was driving on his daily route, Falmouth to Montego Bay. He was having an animated conversation with his passengers, but while talking, he made mention of a duppy story his wife told him about.

When he reached at Greenwood, a passenger yelled ‘One Stop Driver.’ He stopped and had the passenger made his way out. He heard the passenger saying, “suh a how mi a try lock di door and it nah lock.’

The passenger tried closing the door, but the door kept opening. The other three passengers in the vehicle said, ‘driver yuh door sick man.’ The driver came out and said,

“look yah evil, uh nuh have somady else fi badda. Leave me alone enuh.!”

He slammed the door this time, and as you knew, it closed. The lady at the front of the vehicle said driver, what just happened. He did not know what to say so he looked at the lady and the lady stared back at him and the two passengers at the back both mumbled to themselves.

On his way down, he started saying it seems like the man who came out is an obeah man. He asked the passengers why as he decided to come out of the car the door cannot be shut. The passengers were so concerned and one of the ladies in the back seat, according to the driver, started cursing the door with the alleged “spirit” that is in it.

The lady said “ Look yah likkle snuck, anyweh yuh cum from yuh a guh back…cause yuh nah falla mi home. A lie Yuh a tell!!”

Everyone in the taxi started laughing, but Jean, was serious with the ‘duppy-door’ because she was the next person to reach her destination.

When the taxi reached at Rosehall, Jean asked the driver to stop because she reached her destination, and she cursed the other passenger at the other door to grant her exit, because she will not be tolerating the ‘duppy door.’ Jack opened his door and came out to grant jean exit. Jean was making her way out when suddenly the other door flied open and she jumped out quickly and dashed across the street, happily, there was no car passing, because the time recorded was at 10:30pm.

The driver, Jean and the two other passengers were startled to see a closed door, flew open and swinging in-out. The driver had to really pay attention to what was happening. He could not have moved the car. Jack was so muted with surprise that he told the driver he will wait for a taxi from here. Jean shouted across the street.

” No Sah suppose mi did get hit by a taxi, wah yuh woulda tell mi seh. Huh. Guh fix yuh car driva somting definitely wrong…tank yuh jeesaz mi reach mi destination.”

Jack insisted that he was not going back in that taxi. The woman at the front told the driver that she will wait with the man in the middle of the night because she did not want any slap from a ghost. Robert was the only person sitting in the car. He was so infuriated that he started cursing among himself. He pushed his head through the window asked the passengers why he did not receive their fares. The woman who was sitting at the front said,

“Man, mi a fool, mi fi gi yuh money wen mi, human plus duppy a drive together…yuh sick man?” Massa, drive yuh car and galang bout yuh businez. Tek mi fi Papishow….

Jack was there staring and was wondering to himself if what he was hearing and seeing were real.

Those words caused Robert to be extremely upset, knowing that he was supposed to be at home resting, because for a 56 year old man, he had been up from 7:00am in the morning and still working until couple minutes to eleven.

Robert sped away and started cursing loudly in the car. He told the duppy that he will not be staying here in the vehicle with him and he will not be running the customers away. He called the duppy names like, ruler of the den, old higue and rolling calf. He was brought to a state of calmness, when he turned the radio on and gospel songs were playing he started singing and dancing around the steering like any drunk driver.

He never knew police were on the road so he sped and broke every stoplight until he reached at Flankers. When he reached at Flankers he was stopped by two police officers. The police officers questioned Robert as to why he was driving so quickly. He told the police officers that he was being chased by a duppy and he wanted to escape. He told the police that the duppy was causing trouble and he wanted to run away from him. Happily, the police were in a good mood at that time so they told him to enjoy his night.

When he drove off and was heading to Queen’s Drive, he started hearing screaming sounds behind his car. Robert said when he turned around to look; he noticed that there was another car which, for some reason, appeared out of nowhere. He explained to our news team that the duppy found a car and was chasing him in it. When he reached City Centre, he said that he was so astonished that when he looked behind him, he only saw the car, but when he ran out of the vehicle to look, he did not see the vehicle. The vehicle disappeared.

Robert wants to inform each and everyone that duppy is real and it enjoys chasing taxi drivers.


By: Ackeem Smith

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