Tax Services for Jamaica 60 Diaspora Virtual Conference

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) will join several government entities to provide support to the Jamaican diaspora at this years’ staging of the Jamaica Diaspora Conference June 14 – 16, 2022.  Operating under the banner of Government at Your Service (GOVAYS), the Tax Authority will display its digital service capabilities in keeping with the virtual themed modality of the conference. Chief among these service offerings are Property Tax and Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) support, as well as Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax matters.

Delegates will be able to start the application process for a TRN, make queries and property tax payments, as well as conduct Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax transactions while accessing general tax information. Conference participants will also be able to avail themselves of free consultations with several Taxpayer Education Officers and other subject matter experts via the established virtual platform to get support, and learn more about and on how TAJ is changing the way it does business, through its increased use of digital technologies and service implementations.

“The continued engagement of stakeholders and taxpayers in Jamaica and throughout the diaspora is a vital asset in advancing the strategic objective to change Jamaica’s tax culture. It is for this reason that TAJ seizes upon opportunities such as events like the  Jamaica Diaspora conference, to widen its taxpayer education  remit while remaining relevant and efficient, by leveraging digital technologies to do so;  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube” stated Meris Haughton, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, TAJ

Tax Administration Jamaica is proud of its participation in the Jamaica Diaspora Conference since its inception, and especially so to be serving the Jamaican diaspora as part of the GOVAYS team since 2013. The Tax Authority has made significant improvements to its digital service platform, as it continues on the road to realizing a tax compliant Jamaica. Significant among these service features is the online application and renewal of the Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), and the implementation of the Direct Funds Transfer service that allows taxpayers to transfer money directly into Tax Administration Jamaica’s account.

Additionally, persons have the added on-the-go convenience of a mobile application, available to android users at this time to utilize several services including Property Tax payment and querying.

For further information, persons may contact the Tax Administration’s Customer Care Centre at 888-TAX-HELP (888.829.4357) toll-free or visit our website at for assistance with understanding their rights and obligation


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