Tanya Stephens Cancels U.S. travel plans to due Mandatory Vaccination Announcement

Reggae Singer Tanya Stephens may not be travelling to the United States anytime soon, saying she’ll not be compromising her human rights for travel purposes.

This following the U.S Government’s announcement that all non-immigrant, non-citizen, air travellers will have to provide proof of vaccination status before boarding a plane to the country begining next month (Nov. 8).

She states: “Nuh mek nuh p**** trick oonu. This gyal only tek juk from b****. Me nah go nowhere weh mi human rights have to be given up for entry….“world BIG and a long time me a run up and dung inna it from some bwoy deh pon man coattails a hope dem get a buss. Me good.”

The “It’s A Pity” Artiste has never been shy to express how she feels about the pandemic and has been very vocal in her stance on vaccination.

She also recently made headlines after revealing that she was raped by a very prominent Jamaican Artiste at just 17 years old.

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