Tami Chin-Mitchell Is Proud Of Her ‘Mom Bod’ After Three Kids

Tami Chin-Mitchell is full of inspiration these days. Just check her out every weekday morning on The Edge 105 FM hosting her live talk show Live Out Loud, where she launches the segment with a little encouragement for her listeners.

Well, the former dancehall pop star extended her wise words of inspiration on Instagram recently in a profound narrative about her transformed mom bod and the embracement of such.

Many moms have heard the very flattering, ‘you look great,’ ending with the infamous, ‘especially after # amount of kids.’ Tami, a mom of three boys, decided to share her experience having been on the receiving end of that very compliment, along with an interesting perspective.

“I realise that there are never any harmful intentions behind this comment and I appreciate the encouragement within the statement. In fact, I used to say it to people all the time, sometimes I still do LOL,” she said.

In the picture accompanying the post she shared on Instagram three days ago, Tami is giving off all kinds of heat, glowing under the summertime glares and sizzling in her red one-piece swimsuit with matching eyewear, as she strikes a pose flaunting her pretty lean looking physique.

With a smile on her face to suggest an obvious feeling of comfort within her skin, she continued, “But here’s the thing…I don’t love my body just because I had 3 children. Sure, things aren’t where they used to be, cellulite and stretch marks riddle my legs, folds and flaps cause sweat in places you shouldn’t sweat and my tummy is certainly not the picture of perfection according to some standards.”

“I don’t love my body just because I grew 3 whole humans in it, I love it because it is my home, my vessel on this earth. I love it because it takes me places. It metabolises the food I love to eat. It breathes, it bounces, it basks in oceans. It gives and receives love, it dances, it stays still, it bends, it breaks, it stands strong.”

“I’ve been in this body my whole life and like any home, it changes from time. But it is mine, and it houses all of my memories, all of my love, all of my pain and essentially, all of me.”

“I don’t just love my body because of the children it as created, but I love it because of how it has allowed me to experience the world as I know it.”

Tami goes on to impart a refreshing perspective and one she takes herself. ‘Your body is a temple,’ she encourages everyone to make the same superficial fixes that you would make to a house, to yourself as well.

“The paint may be stripping, the tiles may be broken and the roof might have leaks but it’s mine. So wether you wanna fix it up, decorate it, take away or add bits, build on to you what you have or demolish parts completely, that’s your choice. But wherever you are now, right in this moment, check in on your home and thank it for its service to you and others.”

The responses that came from her fans and friends alike were alll supportive. One person, Hantastic222, said, “Thank You for this!!!! So perfectly said and the house/home analogy really resonated with me!!!” while another, Visionarri added,

“Love you! Love this message! And you are. Full Stop! We are all just souls living in flesh and blood homes…here on earth as part of our growth…” Also, sharing the same feelings, Jay Simone Walters said, “You couldn’t have described it any better. Thank You, I have never looked at it this way and as if today this will always be in my head.”

One thing is for sure, whether you catch Tami on her morning shows Live Out Loud, her Instagram page, or YouTube series Meet The Mitchells, you can count on this wife, mom, entrepreneur, podcaster, broadcaster, and host to always share some good vibes.


Source: Dancehallmag

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