Talented Phoenix Country Singer Charlie Icon Has Come Out With New Tracks That Are Making Listeners’ Heads Turn With The Groovy Beats

The country music genre is known for its joyful guitar tunes and contemporary composition which has been getting popular in the past few years. Many artistes have gained their fame and popularity from this music genre which is celebrated all over the world.

The prolific star, Charlie Icon seemed to have mastered the genre and his newly released musical tracks stand as proof of it. The audience can feel the true essence of country music from the released tracks, ‘One Day You Will’, and ‘Washed Up Rockstar’. These tracks are created with such mastery that they can mount the global music charts and create new musical phenomena.

The tracks are simply composed with minimal musical instruments. Like true country music tracks, the tracks are composed with guitar tunes and drum beats that have given the tracks a personal vibe. The enchanting ambiance that the Phoenix Country Singer has created with these tracks is enchanting and attractive which is making the listeners truly appreciative of the artiste’s talent.

He is an independent artiste that has solely managed to write, create, compose and produce the track by himself which proves the artiste’s calibre as a musician who can do it all and not just sing. Charlie Icon was present and created these tracks, ‘One Day You Will’, and ‘Washed Up Rockstar’ by himself which makes it far more personal for the audience, giving a glimpse of the artiste’s emotions.

The composition is perfectly paired with the lyrics of both these tracks which show the artiste’s creative journey and his ability to express himself through songwriting. Through these expressive lyrics, the Phoenix Country Singer was able to make a connection with the listeners. The vocals are the soul of these tracks which perfectly complemented the lyrics and composition and are recipients of praise.

There are similar performances of the artiste which can be found in ‘Worth Her While’, and ‘Featherweight’, his previous tracks. The entire discography is available on Spotify and fans can follow him on Facebook and Youtube.


Charlie Icon’s latest tracks hit on Soundcloud:

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