TakeOva’s Music Video For ‘Alien Mode’ Taps Into Our Need To Be Alone Sometimes

While many are looking for the comfort of a companion during these COVID times, TakeOva is seeking to stay in his zone and strengthen himself, according to his latest YouTube video release, Alien Mode.  Watch it below.

Released May 14th, the official video features Hot Frass trying to break TakeOva out of that zone. The cleverly crafted track, originally released in April on the Alien Mode Riddim, was produced by the fast rising Papi Don Muziq and focuses on being comfortable by yourself, which incidentally is now even more vital to staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The beat is catchy and has an up-tempo feel that allows the Chop Chop Boss’ vocals to shine.

TakeOva begins the visuals by saying that he has no problem being in solitary confinement at home, while he has a conversation with Hot Frass, as long as his “phone have a plan and the internet strong.” He says this even though there is a scantily clad woman on the bed next to him.

TakeOva, whose real name is Cornelius Fletcher, continues that he is keeping to himself because he’s in an “alien mode”. “Keep mehself to mehself,” he sings.  “Money me need bro, me nah need yuh, chill by mehself me nah need people,” he adds.  He plays FIFA on his PlayStation, while he scrolls his phone and handles business, as his companion lovingly looks on.  He soon leaves her and the bedroom behind to go and chill alone.

Dancehall fans have found Alien Mode to be very relatable. People who like spending time alone are often stigmatized as being anxious or depressed. But, according to Psychology Today, there is value in solitude. Scholars are increasingly finding that spending time alone can be good for creativity, self-development and general peace of mind.

Takeova, like PapiDon, has been making steady progress in the Dancehall genre. He has two other songs which have been doing well: Chop Chop, and Polo which has over a million views on YouTube so far after it debuted in May, 2019.

Papi Don has stated that his aim is to help artistes who he believes do not get the type of recognition that they truly deserve. So far a number of artistes including Alandon, Kemar Highcon, Quada, Shaneil Muir, Versi and Vershon have all featured on the Alien Mode Riddim.

Though many fans love the song, which has already amassed over 130,000 views, some wondered what was Hot Frass’ role, as even though he is featured in some scenes in the song he doesn’t really sing on the track. “How could the song be for HOTFRASS and a three 3 line mi hear him say inna it”, one fan asked.

Watch the official video for TakeOva’s Alien Mode below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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