TAJ Relaxes Compliance Activity to June 30, 2020

Jamaica News: Taxpayers are advised that effective March 25, to June 30, 2020, Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), will facilitate the issuing of a one-off or single use Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) to businesses which may fall into non-compliance up to June 30, 2020.

As a result, TAJ’s Taxpayer Service Unit will issue, upon application by a non-compliant taxpayer, a TCC reflecting an expiry date of June 30, 2020. This would facilitate the use of the Certificate by the taxpayer within the stipulated period up to June 30, 2020. Applicants will not be referred to the Compliance Unit during this period. However, compliant taxpayers will continue to benefit from a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) consistent with TAJ’s Standard Operating Procedures.

Persons are reminded that a TCC may be applied for online via the TAJ’s website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm, instead of having to visit a Tax Office to do so. A “How To” Submit a TCC Application Online guide is available on the website. Once processed, a Tax Compliance Letter (TCL) will be generated and sent electronically to the applicant on their web account, advising of the taxpayer’s compliance status. This may be printed on regular paper, as the applicant and/or the person utilising the TCL is able to electronically access and validate the details and to verify its authenticity.

In addition, during the period, TAJ is advising that there will be:

  • No new Summonses issued
  • No Court Proceedings or Enforcement action for non-compliance until after June 30, 2020. (However, reminders and notices will continue to be generated).

The Administration understands that businesses are in crisis mode and should not be distracted from core activities.

For further information persons may call the Tax Administration Customer Care Centre at 888-Tax-Help (888-829-4357) or visit the website www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.


Source: JIS News

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