TAJ Implements Measures to Deal with Learner’s Licence Application Rush

Jamaica News: Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has put measures in place to deal with the expected rush in applications for a provisional driver’s licence before the new regime takes effect on January 25.

Under the new process, persons wishing to obtain a learner’s licence will be required to visit any of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) examination depots to do the Road Code Test, as part of the application process.

This will apply to all applicants for permits to drive and/or operate a motor vehicle, including a motorcycle.

Speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Friday (January 17), Chief Corporate Communications Officer at TAJ, Meris Haughton, said that the entity is expecting that “persons will be coming in to get their provisional driver’s licence in the current way before the new regime takes effect”.

“We have already seen our numbers increasing in the last week or so since we have made the announcement (of the change on January 9)… so we are anticipating that during the last week leading up to the 25th, we will see additional persons coming in,” she said.

The measures put in place to deal with the anticipated rush include ensuring that all cashier stations are open; assigning additional persons to customer service areas; increasing the visibility of floor managers; and engaging additional security if required.

Miss Haughton said that TAJ has been processing approximately 8,800 provisional driver’s licence applications on a monthly basis up to the end of last year.

She noted that the applications have increased significantly since then, with approximately 700 to 800 daily in the week following the announcement, and 1,800 to 1,900 daily over the past week.

She noted that the Constant Spring, Cross Roads, downtown Kingston, Spanish Town and Montego Bay offices account for the majority of the transactions.

“We are anticipating that those offices are going to come in for increased persons coming in, so we have put the measures in place,” she said.

The new application regime comes against the background of changes in the legislative framework under Section 23 of the Road Traffic Act, which was passed in both houses of Parliament in 2018.


Source: JIS News

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