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Iron Gunned Down in Spicy Hill, Trelawny

One man was shot to death at his home in Spicy Hill, Duncans, Trelawny, on Saturday, February 26.

The dead man has been identified as 38-year-old Iron Jarrett, otherwise called ‘Conny G or Irons’, of Capture Lane in Spicy Hill, Duncans, Trelawny.

Reports by the Duncans police are that about 1:00am, Jarrett was at home inside his one apartment board house, when armed men went to the premises and shot him to death.

Jarrett’s older sister discovered his body shortly after 7:00am, on Saturday, and summoned the police.

Upon their arrival, the lawmen went to investigate and discovered Jarrett lying inside his house, with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was transported to the Falmouth hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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“Long Life” Found Dead in Rock District, Trelawny

The Trelawny police are awaiting a post mortem examination to determine the cause of death, of a St James man whose body was discovered under a bridge, with injuries to his throat, in the parish on Friday, November 5.
He has been identified as 57-year-old Donovan Smith, otherwise called “Long Life”, self employed of Dumfries community in St James.
Reports by the police are that about 5:00 pm, police received information that a man was seen lying along the walkway between some rocks in the vicinity of a bridge, in Rock district.
The police went to investigate, and on arrival, they saw a man, who was later identified as Smith, lying along the shoreline of the sea with wounds to his throat.
He was removed from the scene by ambulance to the Falmouth hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.
The police say, Smith may have committed suicide and taken taken his own life.

Teen Shot and Killed in Trelawny

Trelawny police are investigating the gunshot death of teen on Friday along the Albert Town main road.
The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Raddine Keen.

According to reports, Keen was standing along the road with two friends waiting for his father  around 3:30 p.m. when Black Nissan motor car drove by.

The gunmen aboard then opened fire, hitting the teen multiple times.

Keen died on the spot.

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Bodies discovered in burnt-out house

The Wait-A-Bit police in Trelawny have commenced an investigation into the deaths of two men whose bodies were found in the rubble of a burnt-out two-bedroom house in the town last Friday.

One of the deceased has been identified as Denvil Brown, otherwise called ‘Ken’ or ‘English’, mechanic of Green Town district, in Wait-A-Bit, while the other man is suspected to be his brother, who residents call ‘Bitterman’, of Allsides district, also in Trelawny.

Reports by the Wait-A-Bit police are that shortly after 10 a.m., residents in Green Town saw fire coming from a section of the dwelling occupied by Brown, and raised an alarm.


The fire department and the police were summoned. On their arrival, the house was seen engulfed in flames. As firefighters were carrying out cooling-down operations, they discovered the two remains in one of the bedrooms.

Commanding officer of the Trelawny police, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, said that the police are awaiting a post-mortem to determine the cause of death of the individuals.

“Also at this stage we have not ruled out foul play, and we also understood that another person sleeps there sometimes, but we still have not yet confirmed the identities, and we are proceeding with our investigations,” he said.

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Trelawny, the Only Murder Free Parish in Western Jamaica

Latest Jamaica News, Trelawny (McKoy’s News): Residents living within the parish of Trelawny continue to commend the Trelawny police for a job well done in maintaining strong security presence all around the parish, which is now the only western parish which has not recorded a murder.

The parish of Trelawny ended the year 2019 with an overall murder figure of just 29 killings, which is almost the exact figure recorded in 2018, and this goes to show that the parish continues to lead as one of the fourteen parishes of Jamaica with the least amounts of murders.

Other Western parishes such as Hanover, St James and Westmoreland were placed under a state of public emergency throughout the year, yet they all recorded more murders than Trelawny, which has never gotten a SOE.

St James which recorded the first murder in western Jamaica in 2020, has so far recorded two murders in total.

The parish of Hanover has also recorded two murders, and one case of serious shooting which took place in the farm community of Old Pen.

The parish of Westmoreland, which saw a large reduction in murders in 2019, has started the year 2020 on a negative trend, with four murders already being recorded since the start of the year.

Although eight murders have already been recorded in total across three of the four western parishes, this is still a perfect figure comparing to the same period in 2019, where double that amount of persons were already murdered.

There has also been a very low record of serious crimes committed across Trelawny since the start of the year, and only two recorded cases of shootings.

Since the start of the year, the parish of Trelawny recorded one case of suicide, while the parish of Hanover is so far the only parish to record two cases of suicide.

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Trelawny Retired Cane Cutter Murdered Brutally in Home Invasion

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, March 31, 2018 – Trelawny Retired Cane Cutter Murdered

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The Clarkes Town police in the parish of Trelawny are now carrying out a search for two men who they say can assist them in their investigations into the death of an elderly cane cutter who was robbed and then murdered at his home in the parish on Wednesday morning.

The victim has been identified as Oliver Atland, 75-year-old, a retired cane cutter of Long Pond Village in the parish of Trelawny.

Reports by the Clarkes Town police are that shortly after 4:00 p.m., residents in the Long Pond Village alerted the police after they spotted four men running from the home of the deceased.

The lawmen travelled to the location and carried out an investigation. They stumbled upon the elderly man, who was lying face down in a pool of blood in a room of his house, with a section of his head bashed in.

The police also stated that robbery is believed to be a motive for this latest murder, as the home of the deceased was totally ransacked. They also state that they are now in search of two men who they believe can help them in their investigations.

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Kush Tea’s Murder Increases Trelawny Murder Rate to Seven

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, March 31, 2018 – Kush Tea’s Murder Increases Trelawny Murder Rate

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The Trelawny police have reported that Seven persons have been reported murdered in the parish since the start of the year, comparing to three during this same period last year.

The latest victim to be murdered have been identified as Danito Dattis otherwise called Kush Tea, a 38-year-old higgler of Zion District also in the parish of Trelawny.

Reports by the Falmouth police are that about 11:10 p.m., on Wednesday night, March 28, Dattis was sitting on his motorcycle outside a shop at a section of the Hauge Settlement when he was approached by a group of men.

The men open fire on Dattis who jumped from his motorcycle and into a nearby yard where he collapsed.

The gunmen then escaped on foot in the area meanwhile, residents alerted the police and upon arrival, the wounded man was transported to the Falmouth hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Sister Stabbed Sister Dead – Pastor Turns Sister over to Police

Mckoy's News, Jamaica News, Jamaica News Today

Jamaica News, February 3, 2018

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Sister Stabbed Sister Dead: following a dispute between two sisters in the parish of Trelawny, one is now dead and the other is in police custody for stabbing her sister to death on Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as Kimberly Crawford,19-year-old.

Police reports are that about 9:00 am on Saturday, February 3, the victim and her older sister were at home in Stettin, Trelawny when a heated dispute developed between the two.

The argument escalated into a fight and a knife was brought to the scene. The older sister then allegedly stabbed her younger sister in the neck.

Kimberly was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The elder sister fled the scene and reportedly went to a pastor who handed her over to the Ulster Spring police.

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Another Vicious Salt Marsh Trelawny Crash Takes the Lives of Two

Jamaican News, February 2, 2018

Trelawny, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Salt Marsh Trelawny Crash: the deadly Salt Marsh main road takes the lives of two men following injuries they sustained in a motor vehicle collision along the Salt Marsh main road in the parish if Trelawny on Wednesday night.

Police say the deceased men have been identified as Trelawny taxi operator Devon Perrier and security guard Norman Scott both of Trelawny addresses.

Police reports are that about 7:00 pm on Wednesday, January 31, Perrier was driving his taxi, a blue Toyota Wish motorcar along the Salt Marsh main road with Scott as his passenger, when a truck travelling in the opposite direction overtook a line of vehicles and slammed into the Toyota.

Both the taxi driver and passenger sustained multiple injuries and had to be cut from the mangled car by firefighters.

They were both pronounced dead at hospital.

The Falmouth police are investigating are the cause of deadly Salt Marsh accident.

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Trelawny Double Murder Suspect Released after Investigations

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, 12, 2018 

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Trelawny Double Murder Suspect Released: the Trelawny police have reports that the male person of interest who was taken into custody late December in connection with the murders of an 8-year-old student and a 25-year-old female, as well as, the shooting and wounding of four other family members at a house in Clark’s Town, Trelawny on Wednesday, November 15,  2016, has now been released.

Investigators further stated that the person of interest was recently questioned in the presence of his lawyer and based on minimal evidence he was released from custody.

He was considered a suspect in the murders of Anna Kay Williams, unemployed female and Javanie Kerr Lennon, an 8-year-old student both of Clark’s Town in Trelawny.  Also for the shooting and wounding of three other students, one 14-year-old,  another 8-year-old and a 17-year-old along with a 24-year-old laborer.

Reports are that shortly after 7:30 pm on Wednesday, November 15,  Lennon and Williams were visiting the family of eight at their home in Kinloss District when three armed men invaded the premises and opened fire on them.

All six victims were rushed to the Falmouth Hospital where Williams and Lennon were pronounced dead and the four admitted in serious condition.