Shenseea’s Mother Dies, Tributes Pour In

In some tragic news, Shenseea’s mother has passed away.

The grief-stricken artiste took to her Instagram to share the news and her feelings about the devastating event.

She said: “Mommy  my heart is BROKEN Mommy. broken. i never knew I had this much tears until this day! I ask God for strength just strength. I love you Forever #RIP #RIP #RIP my mada and fada ina one!!! Jah know mi mada i’ll never forget you EVER!  i ask everyone PLEASE if you see me in person don’t remind me of this my heart is weary.”

The two were very close and there are many social media videos that show the extent and depth of their love for each other. As recently as May she shared a mishap involving her mom that left them stranded on the road and how much fun they had walking home.

In May, the artiste also shared her rags-to-riches story by taking fans on a visit to her childhood home at a time when she had very little.  “Mommy was a single parent and worked and lived in jobs so during high school years I moved back and forth between relatives just to get a place to stay…. then drop out a college ( financial problems)”, Shenseea said of her humbled beginnings with her mom.

It’s a tough blow for the artiste who is just 23-years-old.

Fans including fellow artistes were quick to offer up their condolences.

Spice was the first person to comment and she said: “ WTF OMG why mi a refresh mi page over and over to read again @shenseea I’m soooooooo Sorry #RI I’m lost.”

Her manager Romeich said: “Love u mommy” and Popcaan added: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jah know shen  jah jah.”

Ding Dong Ravers commented: “Jah jah sis ….. rip mamma sleep in peace ….. jah know sis hold it even tho mi know it hard”

Stefflon Don added: “Oh my God may her soul rest in peace sending you and your family love and strength!!!!! ,” and Trinidad based band Kes the Band, who has a single with Shenseea also commented: “Nothing will replace your loss in the physical existence . She now lives through you, closer than ever before , your spirit and vibe is a testament to that . Keep Keeping on  and carry her everywhere you go , in all that you achieve . Talk to her , she will forever guide you. Strength , love and healing.”

One fan said that they felt the loss deeply because of how close they knew the two were: “I thought I was the only one doing that. God ..the way I love you and your mom @shenseea it feels like my lost too I am praying hon for u because if I’m feeling this sad with this much tears I can’t begin to understand how u are feeling,” and another added: “Omg! God have mercy on your heart Shen!! My condolences to you and your family… keep strong! Ress up mommy!”

Details have not been released about her death as yet but form the photo shared with the post, which has already received support from close to 160,000 of Shenseea’s fans, it seems she was in the hospital. No doubt it’s going to be a tough time for the Shenseea and her family and we wish her heartfelt condolences.

There were some reactions to the Shenseea’s mother’s passing.

There were some reactions to the Shenseea’s mother’s passing.


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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Tarrus Riley Recruits Shenseea, Konshens, Dexta Daps, Teejay, Rvssian For New Album, “Healing”

Healing, the title track of Tarrus Riley’s latest album, was released today June 19 and Mr. Singy Singy believes it could help the world to begin the process of picking up the pieces.

The album, also called Healing, was released under Zojak World Wide today and was produced by renowned Jamaican studio producer Shane Brown, veteran sax man Dean Fraser and Riley himself.

Tarrus’ last album Love Situation was released in 2014.

Healing’s release is timely and was most likely intended to coincide with Juneteenth. Juneteenth is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day and Liberation Day and is a holiday celebrated annually on the 19th of June throughout the United States to commemorate proclamation on June 19, 1865, that all slaves in Texas were finally free. He may have chosen today to send some positive vibes to the #BLM movement as well, as they have been protesting for equal rights for black people in the US following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis on May 25th.

Tarrus also enlisted some of dancehall’s top talents to help him share his message of healing. Sultry songstress Shenseea, Konshens, Dexta Daps, TeeJay, and Rvssian all feature on the 12 track album.

Riley said that he used the downtime during the Covid-19 pandemic to write and record the album. He spoke with The Voice to share the process behind the creation of his seventh album. “I did a lot of self-reflecting like the world is doing,” Riley said.

He also shared how he handled the pandemic and how his handling of the situation gave him some of the inspiration to create the album.

“What I had to do to not panic, and keep my sanity, is to express myself. Not all of it is inspired by Covid. This project is about life itself: A soundtrack for our lives now, and maybe what is to be our lives,” he said to Voice Online.

The new normal also prompted Riley to do the title track, he said.

“I’m not trying to be a prophet when I ask, ‘What will this new world be like? I’m asking a question everybody wants to know. We need healing right now — the healing of our health, financial healing. My father is a singer and my mother is a nurse. I am them together and I make healing music.”

Riley also shared about how he adapted to the quarantine times and a bit about the innovation that was needed to bring the album to fruition. He said that he wrote some of his songs using his acoustic guitar and he would then send voice notes to Brown who created the rhythms around the lyrics. Following that he would take an hour-long drive to Brown’s Kingston studio to record his vocal tracks before the curfew was imposed for the day.

His team including Fraser and bassist Glen Browne would occasionally join in while guitarist Mitchum ‘Khan’ Chin and drummer Kirk Bennett sent in their parts from home.

Brown also shared his experience while making the album. He said: “When Covid-19 first happened, I called Tarrus and said, ‘Singer, I have an idea for a song,’” as he explained how ‘The Great Equalizer,’ which is the first track recorded for the project came to be.

“Did you notice whenever something goes wrong, whether it’s natural disasters or public shootings, all of the sudden we’re on a level playing ground? He started writing about it and it seemed as if I turned on a lightbulb in Tarrus’ mind, because Tarrus sent me two other songs right away. Every day we were coming up with the next song. We were to do 4 or 5 and that turned to 8, 9, then 12,” he continued.

The album will be available on most streaming sites.


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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Watch Shenseea Cook Up Steam Fish & Okra For Fuse TV

Beauty, brains, talent … and she cooks! Dancehall artiste Shenseea flexes her cooking skills on Fuse TV’s Made From Scratch by whipping up a favourite local dish, steamed fish and okra with Excelsior water crackers.

The Made From Scratch segment is just one of Fuse TV’s many shows and tends to feature hot personalities so that viewers can get a sneak peek into their lives. Going inside their homes, celebs will share traditional family recipes and foods they grew up eating, alongside the people who know them best and helped to make them who they are today.

The June 16th episode featured the Blessed singer with her bestie Ashley at her home in Kingston, Jamaica. As Shenseea brought out the Red Snappers (her preference to the other common Parrot fish) and began tossing on the powdered seasonings along with a little black pepper and salt, she went on to tell us about where she grew up.

“So I grew up in Golden Spring, you know Lane Pass… is what we would call the ‘hood’ here in Jamaica.” In high school, she met Ashley in 10th grade and they’ve been friends ever since, which would sum up 9-years of friendship between the two.

Even though Ashley said that they loved partying and would go out a lot, Shenseea said her favourite memory from back then was sleeping over her friend’s house and watching late-night movies and often cooking… well, she would cook and Ashley would eat!

Fast-forward to today and Ashley is the ShengYeng boss’s assistant. It’s an easygoing role Ashley says, “She mostly goes into boss mode but I have to know the difference between work time and play time. So if I’m doing a mistake or anything and she corrects me, I don’t really feel anyway about it or get defensive or anything.”

Shenseea said her love for cooking emerged at a young age from watching her aunt put it down in the kitchen. Her aunt’s recipes and style of cooking has stayed with her to this day and even the way she cuts her vegetables is exactly the same.

Her love for music also started at an early age she said, “I’ve always wanted to become an artiste, from ever since I discovered my talent and dat was about like … probably like 7 or 6 years old.” After she had her son Rajeiro, 4 years ago, it pushed her to finally chase her dreams. Ashley wasn’t the least bit surprised that she became the sensation she is today, “Surprised? No not surprised, because she was always popular in high school, she was always known…”

Shenseea and Rajeiro Lee
The ShengYeng queen said her musical style is often inspired by her many moods as well as the kind of people she sometimes hang out with. She continued to reveal her ‘top fav’ singles and why, Foreplay and The Sidechick Song because she feels they were some of her best-written work and Blessed with Tyga since it was her first big international collab.

Back to the pot…

Dropping in the final ingredients of pumpkin, carrots, Irish potatoes and okras, Shenseea shows viewers a little secret to boosting the flavour of her pot – stuffing the veggies inside the head of the fish! She later adds the water crackers on top for what looks like a scrumptious, lip-smacking meal for two.

Watch the full episode of Made From Scratch with Shenseea below for more about her feelings of living abroad and wanting to be as big as Rihanna!


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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Rvssian And Shenseea Reveal Their Biggest Musical Influences

The very popular music producer Rvssian played a little trivia question and answer with his Twitter followers yesterday to later reveal who was his “biggest Jamaican influence to start music.”  Shenseea later joined the conversation and added her three musical influences with one surprising inclusion.

A confident string of responses flooded Rvssian’s timeline, but none quite nailed the answer.

An obvious guess as anyone would have imagined was the Worl’ Boss, Vybz Kartel, who many believe is responsible for making Rvssian a staple in the music business.

Rvssian, whose real name is Tarik Johnston, struck gold in 2010 when he produced and collaborated in Kartel’s award-winning hit single Straight Jeans and Fitted. The success of the track along with others such as Pull Up To Mi Bumpa featuring Konshens and the late J Capri, Passion Whine with Sean Paul and Furruka as well as Writing On The Wall with French Montana featuring Post Malone and Cardi B has made Rvssian a force to be reckoned with.

Many other musicians could have inspired the 32-year old boss of Head Concussion Records. His father, for one, is the founder of Micron Music Limited and who perhaps guided his career in music. Other guesses from his Twitter followers were old-timers, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy Cliff, and Tony Rebel. These were suggested based on his age and the era he grew up in, more so listening to what his parent’s favs were.

The more recent generation followed with Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Shaggy, Spragga Benz, Bounty Killer, Sean Paul, Damian Marley, Aidonia, and Alkaline, to name a few.

Four hours after he posed the question, he provided the answer to reveal that Sizzla and Beenie Man were his biggest Jamaican musical inspirations.

Now we know how much of a great feat it was working with the former King of Dancehall. In the summer of 2015, the single Love Me by Beenie Man released on the Customer Care Riddim produced by Rvssian. Then in August of that same year, Beenie worked with Concussion Records to release another single Wine An Boom.

There are no known works with the Dry Cry deejay, Sizzla Kalonji, but knowing Rvssian’s impressive musical pursuits, it may just be a matter of time to see a collaboration from these two.

Rvssian’s reveal then opened up a whole new conversation where his fans shared their musician influences.

Shenseea, who last collaborated with Rvssian on IDKW, shared that her biggest musical influences were Michael Jackson, Rihanna & Vybz Kartel.

Michael Jackson, Rihanna & Vybz Kartel inspired me

— ShenseeaOfficial (@SHENYENG) June 16, 2020
The hard-working singer is clearly motivated to be as big as Rihanna.  After the Barbadian singer lip-synced her hit Blessed on Instagram Live, Shenseea told The Guardian in a profile earlier this year, “I grew up listening to Rihanna 24/7 and now she’s listening to me.”

Since then fans have been calling for a collaboration between the two West Indian singers.

Unlike Rvssian, Shenseea did not snub the Worl’ Boss, who claims he has been a major influence on 90% of today’s dancehall entertainers.

It’s also commendable that ShenYeng Queen still holds Kartel in such high regard as he continues to insinuate that she “stole” their collaboration, Loodi, which was released in 2016.  Both Elvis Redwood, producer of the track, and Romeich, Shenseea’s Manager, have refuted the claim.


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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Shenseea’s Son Rajeiro Says ‘No More Babies’ For His Mom

Dancehall artiste Shenseea is ready for another baby, but the news isn’t going down too smoothly with the main man in her life.

Ladies be prepared, Shenseea’s son Rajeiro is about to kick start your ovaries into high gear with his latest whining to his mom about the matter. It’s no secret the 4-year old is a mama’s boy, and now he’s making it very clear that there is absolutely no room for another kid, especially a baby sister.

The Blessed singer shared the delightful conversation with Raj on her Instagram page yesterday as he distressingly asked, “You don’t want to be my mother?” The concerning question came in response to Shenseea, suggesting that she wanted to have another baby.

When she asked him why he would say such a thing, little Raj responded, “Cus, you said you wanna have another baby without me.” Being quite frank, Shenseea said, “Yah, ah gonna have another baby, what’s wrong with that?”

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

This got Raj clearly nervous and a bit fidgety; he started mumbling before the words could finally come out again, “I’m your baby too.” Shenseea determined to get her demands across to the toddler and, ignoring the sweetness oozing from his face, proceeded anyway to say, “Yah, but you still going be my baby, but I want another baby too.”

Enough is enough, Raj looked right at her to get to the meat of the matter and asked, “Why, which baby you want?” Well it seems mom was a little unprepared for the question, she stuttered a reply, “I don’t know, ahhh … I want a … I want a … I want a girl baby.”

Slapping his forehead and pressing down on his eyes in stark distress, Raj intensely growled, “WHAT!!! … WHY YOU DON’T LOVE ME???

Her words after clearly meant nothing to little Raj, Shenseea captioned the post of her baby conversation:

“Father help me, I want another baby but it seems I’m finna ruin @rajeiro__lee and I one on one relationship – parents of 2 or more, What should I do…how u do you share the love equally?”

Check out the full convo below –

Source: Dancehallmag

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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Shenseea Teases An Album Might Be In The Works

The coronavirus pandemic has not slowed down sultry songstress Shenseea, as she recently announced that she might be thinking about releasing an album.

Shenseaa made the announcement on her Instagram page, following the release of her latest track Good Comfort.

In an Instagram post yesterday, she said, “Let me know, I won’t release one until my ShenYengz are ready!” before hashtagging her other recent releases, Wasabi and The Sidechick Song.

She’s been releasing tracks steadily but had not indicated before when an album would be ready or that it was even in the works.

Raising her fans’ curiosity, she asked, “The question for me today from me to you guys is, are you ready for an album? Do you want a Shenseea album?”

Shenseea now has a good body of work to choose from, as she’s been continually releasing new music that has been doing well internationally.

She, like many other artistes in the genre, have Vybz Kartel to thank for the initial push into the spotlight. She first began turning heads in 2016 after a song with the Worl’ Boss called Loodi.  Since then, she’s worked tirelessly to maintain her place in dancehall and can boast of international tours and sold-out shows.

Even though she had some success since 2016, her major breakthrough came in 2019 with Blessed, which has over 40 million views.  ShenYeng Anthem (2018) has also done extremely well with over six million U.S. streams since its release, that is, according to Nielsen Music.

She’s also had to dispel the inference that she’s only made it because of her looks.
Last July, during an interview with Billboard, she said: “I’m not just a pretty face, I’m an entertainer. You get me?”

Her fans, commonly known as the Shenyeng army, were quick to offer support and show enthusiasm for an album. Her manager Romeich Major was one of the first to support the idea: “o a wah #badhabbit nah count hey shenyeng mine enuh and album is a must,” he said.

One fan said: “Mi deven buy music but mi woulda be the first one to purchase that,” another excited fan said: “YES WE WANT A FIRE SHENYENG ALBUM,” and this fan also shared their excitement as well: “And before that, foreplay, just a bagga hits. Just slap we wid e album and dun! An Doh question wi.”

The short video clip has received over 3700 comments and countless fire emojis, indicating that her fans are waiting to see what she has up her sleeve.  Watch below.


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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Shenseea Sorta Sounds Like Jada Kingdom In Her New Single, ‘Good Comfort’: Listen

Shenseea’s got the ‘good comfort’ and explains how in a hot new song that was released on her YouTube page. Brace yourself for 2 minutes of nonstop sexy lyrics delivered by some of the sweetest vocals ever heard from the ShengYeng princess.

The single comes with a teaming of herself and DJ Frass Records on a smooth melodic riddim with the Blessed artiste singing a dancehall submersed in R&B style track.

The tone is set right at the get-go, the action starts in the intro “mi bend ova mek yuh stab stab stab stab stab it up,” she then proceeds to divulge a few perks of her lady bits. From eyeballs rolling back, seeing the heavens to feeling wetter than the ocean, Shenseea says she’s got the good comfort to make her guy come right back for more.

Listen to the full version of Good Comfort below.

The single also demonstrates some refreshing vocals from Shenseea. While we’ve heard some soulful tunes from this songbird, none seem to hit the same musical notes as Good Comfort. The style of delivery is somewhat reminiscent of another dancehall singer she might hate being compared with, but the acoustics don’t lie, and they exude impressions of Jada Kingdom.

Upon listening to the track, many fans also agreed. Navar Blair said, “I love Shenseea, but this sounds like it was inspired by Jada Kingdom! I was a bit confused. Love the song tho. Guess I’ll call this one ShengKingdom.”

Another thought the song was a teaming with the two singers, Sherice Gordon, said, “A taught it was she a jada collab,” while sk josephs96 said, “cant help but hearing Jada Kingdom!!”

“Nah lie. It sound like Jada flow, her type a song,” said another Shen Yeng.

Another fan found them some hints of Stalk Ashley in Good Comfort too. “She song like Jada kindom and stalk Ashley. nah lie who else think so?”

Nonetheless, there is a long list of doting fans showing her love for the new release. Shenseea certainly knows how to drive her male admirers crazy, and her single status doesn’t make it any easier on them. Good Comfort premiered just over 20 hours ago and has scored more than 100k streams already with fans asking for more – listen here.


Source: Dancehallmag

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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

Fans May Never See A Clash Between Shenseea & Jada Kingdom, Here’s Why

Most dancehall fans are aware that Shenseea and Jada Kingdom don’t see eye to eye. Their feud began a while ago but reignited earlier this year in March after Shenseea’s single The Sidechick Song debuted.

The first public show of their dispute was in November last year when at the Redbull Culture Clash, Shenseea freestyled an explicit diss verse at Jada Kingdom, who was also performing at the show.

Jada was caught off guard but fired back within the week with a vicious diss track called Shen-Yeng. That song was laden with insults and disrespect, but Shenseea, who seemed to have started the war, never responded, and fans have always wondered why, as Shenseea looks like she can hold her own in a lyrical battle.

After she released The Sidechick Songsocial media users dragged Shenseea as they felt the song glorified a particular type of lifestyle that needed to be stopped and not applauded. Shenseea eventually cleared the air and said she was not praising the side-chick lifestyle. During that uproar on social media, Jada Kingdom expressed her views with a veiled shot at Shenseaa.

Even though the two have clashed on social media, it seems at least according to Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major, that’s where their beef will remain because he’s not going to allow his artiste to clash with Jada musically.

According to Romeich, it’s just not worth Shenseea’s time because there’s absolutely nothing to profit from it. He made the comments while speaking with deejay Chris Satta during an Instagram Live.

Romeich said that he doesn’t believe that clashing is necessary anymore in the industry and added that he thinks the quality of music was dying because of it.

He explained that when Shenseea dissed Jada at the Red Bull Culture Clash, everyone came for him.  “Me nah wah say dunce but the man and dem ah lack creativity and just in ah dem ego and feelings too much,” he added. Romeich also said that he felt clashes were keeping artistes from being creative because everything that is being voiced in dancehall now has to be carefully said to ensure that shade is not being thrown.

Major also said he believes the clash between the two should have been addressed on stage during the Red Bull event, and that’s another reason he did not want Shenseea to respond as he added she was not a “clash artist.”

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />

He said he felt Jada should have been creative enough to respond at the Red Bull event. After that, they had no interest in clashing with her. The Red Bull event highlighted this aspect of Jamaican culture, and that’s where it should have ended, he continued.
“So if you come two days later after and release one song, why my artiste have to answer back?”

Romeich said even if Shenseea wanted to, he wouldn’t allow her to because it made no sense to get involved with that clash. He added that a clash would only drain her energy and make her lose focus on the bigger picture. While Shenseea is free to do what she wants, Romeich said he, as a manager, couldn’t stand for something like that.

“At the end of the day, we do music for love, that is one, second we do music for payment of money,” he says.

Romeich proudly declared that a clash was not needed to help her career as ninety-five percent of her shows are sold out as compared to other artistes known for their clashing skills.

Romeich also made an interesting revelation when he said that Jada was actually supposed to be his artiste because she won a competition to be represented by him. He didn’t disclose the details, but that situation did not work out. While he thinks that she is talented, he feels she’s being steered in the wrong direction.

He added that in the end, clashing could make an artiste one dimensional.  That, he says, could spell the end of their career when the clashes die down.

If fans were waiting to see a clash between two of dancehall’s hottest female acts, it looks like that might never happen, at least not while Romeich has the final say.


Source: Dancehallmag


Shenseea Gets Dragged For Old Comments On Black Hair On ‘Black Out Tuesday’

It is shaping up to be a bad week for dancehall artiste Shenseea, who can’t seem to catch a break as she tries to promote her work.

The singer faced new criticism on Instagram when she shared a clip from her Sidechick Song video, on ‘Black Out Tuesday’.

Some fans and critics of the dancehall princess aren’t too happy with her, as they say, she has not been vocal enough on the death of 46-year-old George Floyd which has led to mass protests and has evolved into a larger social movement aimed at ending racism.

The new backlash comes after the singer was also criticized on May 27 for a series of photos she shared of herself in a blue police outfit, two days after the death of Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While some fans lapped up the appealing visuals of The Sidechick Song yesterday, others took aim at the artiste, noting that she needs to use her platform to show her support for the topical issue of ending racism.

“Sis I love you, but you gotta address what’s going on in the world for the one time. Remember your son is black too, we need everyone to stand together & raise awareness,” said one Instagram user whose comment attracted over 134 likes.

“I meaaaaannn, it’s blackout Tuesday why you posting your song about yam head gyals

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />🙄. All we needed from you today was a black screen,” added another IG user.

However, Shenyeng loyalists pushed back, noting that the artiste had been vocal, in her Instagram Stories, so much so that she had been catching flack for it. “She did and got bashed for it,” said one IG user.

They also pointed out that Shenseea had spoken out on Twitter on a viral incident that involved a white woman calling a Jamaican delivery man “a slave”.  She also shared her own experiences with racism while traveling overseas.

Shenseea seems to have gained wind of the convo and subsequently shared a black square on her IG as a sign of support for Blackout Tuesday, a social media initiative aimed at reflecting on recent events in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

However, the critics did not stop there as her perceived lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction.

Twitter users brought things to a new level after one user shared a comment Shenseea made almost two years ago, which further raised suspicions about her stance on racially sensitive matters.

“Y’all yam head a get drape up again. It’s been a tough week for her,” tweeted one woman who shared a comment in which Shenseea tells Prince Pine (her former love) she is happy his daughter didn’t have his hair texture.


The politics surrounding afro-textured hair is one that is often linked to colonialism which promoted a color hierarchy. The color hierarchy suggests that blacks who were closer to the colonial master based on lighter skin tones and less textured hair were better off than those who were not.

Twitter users had a field day.


Source: Dancehallmag

Entertainment Exclusive News

Shenseea Serving Looks In Supermarket Photoshoot

Dancehall diva Shenseea is back with more photo-shoot pics, this time serving looks in the supermarket aisle. The dancehall vixen showed off her new look yesterday on Instagram and Twitter dressed in a chic tie-dye long sleeve tank and matching booty shorts. She switches up her hairdos as much as she does her outfits, now she’s rocking chunky box braids that lolls down to her hips with affixed jumbo multicolored beads at the ends.

Just three days ago the ShenYeng queen ruffled a few feathers with her police academy looking getup from a video shoot. Donning a skintight police-blue bodysuit, cop hat, and strapped with a holster belt, many folks thought the photos were in poor taste and inappropriate considering the timing.

The unfortunate news of George Floyd’s killing had begun mounting and the last thing anyone wanted to see is someone parading in police colors. While her manager Romeich tried to defuse the situation, it only seemed to make things worst and Shenseea apparently lost a few followers for the untimely post.

It looks like the Blessed singer is back to redeem herself by making an unlikely appearance at the supermarket. She shared two new photos, one just hanging out in the cereal aisle of what appeared to be Loshusan in Barbican, Kingston, while the other photo shows the bombshell outside posing beside her psychedelic BMW X6.

The sultry face, sexy pose, and just her loveable aura, the new photos did the trick.

Social media is already reacting and in a good way. Her Twitter post caption may have been the initiator however, the ShenYeng trailblazer wrote, “Tell me wah u really want” … and now the fans are doing just that.

Here are some of the supermarket wish list sent to Shenseea since her latest post.


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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation