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Security Guard and Gunmen Trade Bullets During Supermarket Robbery, in Westmoreland

Latest Jamaica News, Westmoreland (McKoy’s News): A robbery which was in progress at a supermarket in the Burnt Savannah area of Westmoreland, on Wednesday afternoon February 5, was foiled by an armed security guard who shot and wounded one of the robbers.

Reports by the Frome police are that shortly after 8:00 p.m., two men ride up to the supermarket on a motorcycle, and entered the establishment.

On entering the supermarket, the men brandished a handgun and proceeded to rob customers and the supermarket operators of cash and valuables.

An armed security guard who was working undercover at the establishment challenged the robbers who returned the fire, but ended up being pinned down in the supermarket for over an hour.

The police were summoned and a joint military team rushed to the scene, but the gunmen managed to exit the building on foot leaving the motorcycle behind.

It is also believed that one of the gunmen was shot and injured by the security guard.