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Posting Defamatory Information Online Has Landed Woman in Jail

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – A woman who posted false information on social media about her ex, is now behind bars.

The police have arrested and charged 35-year-old Amieka Mullings on Monday (Feb) under the Cybercrimes Act, after she posted pictures on social media claiming her ex-boyfriend is wanted for rape, assault and murder.

A statement from the National Security Ministry says investigations by the police revealed the information Mullings posted online was false, malicious and constituted malicious communication under the cybercrimes law.

The National Security Minister, Robert Montague and the head of the police Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay police states, the information circulating on social media alleging that persons are being abducted and killed so their organs can be harvested and sold, is entirely false.

He said investigations are pointing to persons who are spreading this false information with ulterior motives, and the matter is being investigated by the police Cybercrimes unit for actions, as these reports undermine the work of the security forces, making an already difficult situation worse.

The public is being warned that under the new Cybercrimes legislation, a person who commits an offence by using a computer willfully with intent to send another person any data, whether in the form of a message or otherwise, that intends to cause, or is reckless, and as to whether the sending if the data causes annoyance, distress, anxiety, that person can be fined not exceeding four (4) million dollars, or imprisoned for a term not exceeding four years, or both, by a parish judge if the person is a first offender.

National Security Minister, Mr. Montague is asking persons engaged these social media practices to stop from doing so, as they could be arrested and charged in criminal violations of the Cycbercrimes Act.

Persons are also being asked to exercise caution in the material they social-share online, as they too can be charged under the Cybercrimes Act.

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PNP young professionals demanding resignation of Min. Montague

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The PNP young professionals are demanding the resignation of Minister of Security Min. Robet Montague.

The People’s National Party Patriots are states that Minster Montague is a threat to Jamaica’s Security.

Chairman of the young professionals group Javette Nixon, in a news statement yesterday said, “Montague is presiding over increasing levels of insecurity and fear of everyday Jamaicans”.

The group lays accusation again Minister Montague, accusing him of battering, and  mismanaging the ministry since he took office.

“There have been growing fears over the past six months. Jamaicans are crying out for Montague’s sacking in order to stem the unprecedented permeation of mayhem and anarchy across the Jamaican society,” stated Nixon.

The statement cited support of a failing security system points to the statistic that January 2017 became the bloodiest start to a New Year.

“The minister charged with generally directing and controlling this ministry should be made to admit that the situation is simply out of control and resign before our country further loses the basic ability to maintain law and order,” continued Nixon.

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Three new marine border base to Reduce Gun and Human Trafficking

St Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – At a press conference on Wednesday, Minister of National Security Robert Montague stated that there will be three (3) new marine base established on the coastlines, effective to protect Jamaica’s borders.

Minster Montague stated the marine bases will be operated by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCA) and the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) jointly. He noted that the bases will be effective to control the import of guns into the island.

The Minster stated that it has been difficult to control the flow of guns into the island at the country’s borders; in that Jamaica’s marine space is 25 times the size of the country and, criminals have created 145 illegal points of entry for items into the county.

Locations of the New Marine Bases

The bases will be located at James Bond Beach in St Mary, Alligator Pond in St Elizabeth, and Rocky Point in Clarendon. A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) that was signed last month.

Minster Montague told to press:

“We do not manufacture guns or bullets legally, yet in 81 per cent of crimes committed in Jamaica, the gun is featured. We have to stop the flow of guns coming into Jamaica. This MOU to provide additional protection along our coast is welcomed…”

Function of the bases: Duties of the marine bases will be to detect and prosecute breaches of the Jamaica Customs  Laws and other laws of Jamaica.

Operations will include searching of vessels coming into and leaving the county; interception of suspicious vessels, people, or goods, coastal surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Marine Borders will Reduce Gun and Human Trafficking

According to acting Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant, a main function of the the new marine bases is ensuring reduction of contraband in and out of the county, and reducing the incidents of human trafficking.

Revamping of the border protection will include the JCA providing two 30-foot (Boston Whaler) watercraft and twin-cab pick-up motor vehicles to be deployed at Rocky Point and Little Ochi bases.

The JCF will provide three (3) marine craft along with a person to steer the boat, and crew, which will be deployed to all bases round the clock – 24 hours each day.

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Bounty Killa & Ninjaman Gives Heads of Security the Solution

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Earlier this week, in an interactive platform, heads of security forces met to discuss the level of crime plaguing the county.

At that meeting were also the legendary dance hall deejays, Ninja Man (Desmond Ballentine)  and Bounty Killa (Rodney Pryce). The two deejays who are known to have open dance hall feuds, put all that behind them – and are now in solidarity of peace for Jamaica.

Bounty Killa (Rodney Pryce)

Price brought light to meeting with arguments that the mother of crime is poverty. His main solution is that Jamaican people need to start caring for the youths as a community. He stated:

“The mother and the parent of crime is poverty. And until the Government starts to battle poverty the right way we are always going to be locking up criminals…Taking criminals off the street is a good thing, but there are things in society that lead and motivate others to go on the street as well, and we have to defuse those.”

“Let’s start making the village raise the child again. Last year was a gruesome year with killings. The police, the soldiers, the security forces, they are playing their part; we as society have to play our part as well.”

Ninja Man (Desmond Ballentine)

Ballentine’s concern was that the Police officers were underpaid, which affects their independence, life conditions and performance.

He declared:

“The first step in getting rid of crime is to make your police more independent. Unnu need fi set up something where the police become more independent. …If mi nuh have nuh Benz, mi nuh live nuh weh, and mi can par with a man weh make mi can hype, mi a go live my life, because mi naah get up every day with gun pon my hip a run down thief and mi naah get pay,” he declared.

National Security Minister Sends Message to criminals that he’s connected to Obeah by family

Minster of National Security – Hon. Robert Montague

At that same meeting National Security Minister Robert Montague said :

“Unnu goin’ run weh because we goin’ to pursue unnu. This minister no fraid a unnu, my uncle is a obeah man.”

Some are saying that the minster was breaking the ice at this very serious meeting, using what is known among the Police, that the criminals are turning to Obeah for spiritual protection from law enforcement.

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NATIONAL SECURITY MINISTER tells thugs: “My Uncle is a Obeah man”

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – During the national security meeting held last week, where heads of security met to discuss Jamaica’s current crime environment, Jamaica’s Minster of National Security warned – in a Trump like fashion that he was not afraid of the criminals.

He laid the message down in a sort statement to the criminals, that they will be perused and will have to run.

The meeting gathered together law enforcement and invited guests – Jamaican deejays Ninja Man and Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer told the group that crime is birth by poverty and, that Jamaica needs to care for the youths as a community to end the violence.

The controversial Ninja Man who is known for his ranting lectures on social media, spoke to the heads of law enforcement, stating that the Police need to be given more security by way of better salaries, so they can securely provide for themselves and be better law men to pursue the criminals.


But in all that was said, the highlight of the media is the short statement of Robert Montague, Jamaica’s Minister of Security, who aimed at the criminals with his words:

“Unnu goin’ run weh because we goin’ to pursue unnu. This minister no fraid a unnu, my uncle is a obeah man.”

There are many ways to look at his statement, which has since been investigated in the eyes of the public. One can ask – is the Minister saying that he is spiritually protected? Is he saying Obeah has his back? Is he saying he is into the art of the illegal practice?

The question is does he really have this uncle, and where is he – His “uncle” might not have wanted his Minster nephew to oust him.

In perspective we can say that Minster Montague was just using a pun to highlight the seriousness of the matter, since the police are getting more and more clues that the criminals are turning to Obeah to protect them from the Law. The Minster wants them to know that they will be hounded and caught, no matter what.

“I don’t tell God how big my problems are, I tell my problems how great my God is.”

In a press address last year Minster Montague stated:

“I have been truly blessed and I cannot deny that I have been blessed. Many of us will prefer, and can, like experts, tell us what is wrong and we can complain and we can find fault; but I am blessed. I am specially chosen by my God to be here to confront what confronts Jamaica and I am confident that with the prayer of everyone, we will overcome,” Montague stated.

“Many persons will tell you that we face serious times. But I don’t tell God how big my problems are, I tell my problems how great my God is.”

“We [Jamaica] are here where we are and it took a long time to get here and it is not going to be easy to leave here. But we will leave here. It is not going to be overnight, it is not going to be instant, but it is going to take unity, hard work, a political will, and a belief in what is good about Jamaica,”

Matrix Jamaica Uses to Measure Crime

He went on the explain:

“No matter what the levels of crime go down, we don’t see it if murders are up because we count crime by the murder index. So in all the other categories of crime trending down, but murder is two per cent up and that is what we as Jamaicans use as the index and we have to confront it,”