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Police Warn Mavado After Boom Boom Expose This

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Police believe body of missing teen Kiely Rodni found in California reservoir

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Officials made the grim announcement on Monday that the body discovered in a California reservoir by volunteer divers appears to be missing teen Kiely Rodni, who disappeared after a nearby party on August 5.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said that the body is “more than likely” 16-year-old Rodni after a YouTube diver team on Sunday night said they discovered Rodni’s remains inside her Honda CRV submerged in the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

“We recovered the vehicle last night, we have located a decedent inside the vehicle, we believe it is our missing person, we have not been able to positively identify, but it’s more than likely,” said Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon.

“At this time, our commitment is to this family. It’s still a very active investigation.”

Officials confirmed the remains of missing California teen Kiely Rodni were found by a dive team in Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday.
Placer County Sheriff
Rodni’s remains were found inside her submerged Honda CRV.
Daniel McKnight
The Adventures With Purpose dive team was recruited to join the search for the 16-year-old by law enforcement.

Adventures With Purpose (AWP) — the dive crew recruited by law enforcement to assist in the search — found the 2013 Honda CRV that Rodni drove to a graduation party near the lake Sunday afternoon.

AWP divers said the license plate of the vehicle matched Rodni’s and that there was a body inside.

Rodni’s father, Daniel Rodni, at Prosser Creak Reservoir during the search on August 21, 2022.
Daniel William McKnight
Rodni went missing after a party in Truckee, California, earlier this month.

The car and body were found about 20 to 40 feet from the water’s edge near a section of Prosser Family Campground where the party was held. The area is known to locals as “The Sanctuary” and overlooks the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

Rodni was last seen at the park in Truckee, California, on Aug. 5 and had told her mom she would be leaving the party around 12:30 a.m. Aug. 6. Fellow attendees had reported that she had been drinking at the party.

Before Sunday’s discovery, authorities conducted an exhaustive, two-week-long search of the area via land, air and water.

At least three police dive teams had already searched the reservoir, but AWP said it used advanced sonar that detected the car upside down in about 14 feet of water.

“Police told us they did a rigorous search of this body of water,” said diver Josh Cantu, 31. “They gave us a grid map and made us confident we didn’t need to search here.”

After searching the rest of the remote town of Truckee, the private group of divers decided to look in the reservoir as a last-ditch effort. Within a few minutes of diving, team member Nick Rinn found a body in a car close to shore.

“I went down and did my inspection. I saw the vehicle upside down, verified the license plate and that there were remains in the vehicle,” Rinn, 48, told The Post Sunday. “Then I came out, we called the family and authorities and let them take it from there.”

The water levels in the reservoir had been higher two weeks ago during previous police searches, Rinn added.



SOURCE: New york post

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Westmoreland Police Charge Deliveryman

A team of officers assigned to the Westmoreland Police Division charged one man in relation to the seizure of a firearm and ammunition during an operation on the Seaford Town main road, Westmoreland on Monday, August 15.

He is 32-year-old Clament Bernard, a delivery man of Seaford Town, Bethel Town in the parish.

Reports from the Savanna-La-Mar Police are that about 8:00 p.m., lawmen were in the area when they saw a group of men standing on the roadway. On seeing the Police, Bernard removed an object from his waistband and threw it to the ground. The object was retrieved and found to be a Bursa 9mm pistol with a magazine containing one 9mm round of ammunition.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition following a question and answer session in the presence of his attorney.

His court date is being finalized.

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Hanover Police Seize Firearms, Two Men in Custody

Two men were apprehended in relation to the seizure of two firearms in Sandy Bay, Hopewell, Hanover on Monday, August 15.

Reports from the Lucea Police are that about 7:45 p.m., lawmen were on patrol in the area when they saw two men acting in a manner that aroused their suspicion. The men were apprehended, searched and one 9mm Glock pistol, one Taurus 9mm pistol and sixty-two 9mm rounds of ammunition, were seized.

The identities of the men taken into custody have been withheld pending further investigations.

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Portmore Look Like A War Zone As Police Intercept Deadly 87 Mission

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St. Catherine South Police List Persons of Interest

The St. Catherine South Police has listed several individuals as Persons of
Interest in relation to the recent flare up of crime and violence in sections of the division.

They are;

  • Richard Hemley, otherwise called ‘Devils’,
  • Kirk Wint, otherwise called ‘Big Red’,
  • Christopher Barrett, otherwise called ‘Chicken Back’,
  • Elijah Carless, otherwise called ‘Papalou’,
  • Ricardo Carson, otherwise called ‘Trooper’,
  • Shane Williams, otherwise called ‘Tussain’,
  • Imoro McKenzie, otherwise called ‘Munga’,
  • Cedrick Barnett,
  • Miguel Tracey,
  • Sanjay Tracey,
  • A man known only as ‘Techa’,
  • A man known only as ‘Nigel’,
  • A man known only as ‘Dog Shot’,
  • A man known only as ‘Dappa’,
  • A man known only as ‘Cedrick’,
  • A man known only as ‘Bailey Boy’,
  • A man known only as ‘Tae Tae’
  • A man known only as ‘Steve’.

The persons are urged to turn themselves in to the Greater Portmore Police Station by 6:00 p.m.,
on Thursday, August 04.

Additionally, anyone with information about the whereabouts of these individuals is being asked
to contact the Greater Portmore Police at 876-949-8403 or Crime Stop at 311.

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 ‘Soft Mouth’ and ‘Bag Juice’ Charged for Shooting at Police Team

Two men who allegedly fired at a police team that was on an operation along the Seaforth main road in St. Thomas on Saturday, July 16, have been arrested and charged.

The men have been identified as 38-year-old Delano Rankine, otherwise called ‘Soft Mouth’, a labourer of Moodie Lane, Seaforth in St. Thomas, and 20-year-old Dennaldo Spencer, otherwise called ‘Bag Juice’, of Navarre Lane, Seaforth in the parish.

Both men have been charged with Shooting with Intent and Illegal Possession of Firearm.

Reports are that about 9:45 p.m., a team of police officers was on patrol duties. On reaching the vicinity of the Methodist church, the police team reportedly saw Rankine, Spencer and two other men with guns in the churchyard cemetery. The men allegedly opened gunfire at the police team before escaping in the area.

On Monday, July 25, an operation was carried out in Seaforth in the parish during which Rankine and Spencer were apprehended. Both men were charged on Wednesday, July 27 after being interviewed in the presence of their attorneys.

Their court dates are being finalized.

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Swift Action of the Police Led to Arrest of Three Robbers in St. Catherine

Swift action of the Police led to the apprehension of the three accused in the July 20, 2022 robbery on Madrid Avenue, Cumberland, Portmore, St. Catherine.

Charged are;

  • 20-year-old Chadrick Henry, otherwise called ‘Chad’, a labourer of Quarry district, Albionin St. Thomas
  • 21-year-old Akeem Wilson of Pondside, Yallahs also in St. Thomas
  • 26-year-old Rojay Welch, a labourer of Commission Road, Kingston

Reports from the St. Catherine South detectives are that about 6:00 p.m., the complainant and her grand-daughter were walking along the mentioned roadway when they were pounced upon by armed men, who alighted from a motorcar. The culprits then proceeded to rob the complainant of cash among other personal items, before fleeing the scene. The child managed to escape unhurt. An alarm was raised and the Police were alerted. The motorcar was intercepted in the Marine Park area of Portmore, St. Catherine with three men aboard. They were apprehended and taken into custody.

They were charged on Saturday, July 23 for Illegal Possession of Firearm and two counts of Robbery with Aggravation after they were positively pointed out by the complainant and a question and answer interview conducted in the presence of their attorney.

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