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JDF Major Basil Jarrett Says, “Operation Aims to Flush out Criminals”   

Jamaica News, January 18, 2018   

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – JDF Major Basil Jarrett: Jamaica Defence Force Liaison Officer Major Basil Jarrett told media personnel on Thursday morning that the Major Joint Military Operations which was implemented across the parish of St James is aimed at bringing the murder rate down.

According to Major Jarrett,  the JDF will be supporting the Jamaica Constabulary Force to the fullest and they will be flushing out criminals, guns and gunmen.

The Major also stated that over the past weeks, St James has been overrun by crime and that they will now be clamping down on all criminals and criminal elements.

The Major was speaking at the Office of the Prime Minister following a media tour of the camp and several hot spots in St James.

Crime Featured News Jamaica Latest Jamaican News

St James Welcomes Joint Major Operations

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 18, 2018

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – St James Welcomes Joint Major Operations: Following Thursday morning’s launch of several Joint Major Operations across the parish of St James, several residents have now come out openly and endorsed the move on the hand of the special forces.

Our news team caught up with several commuters who related that, despite the operations resulted in them being a little late for work, they still welcome the idea of the operation.

A number of taxi operators stated that they are very pleased to see the presence of police and JDF soldiers on the streets of the city because the area was being overrun by criminals and criminal elements.

Some residents stated that over recent weeks, several brazen murders and shootings have taken place across the parish and they support the joint military in their move to flush out these criminals and bringing them to Justice.

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Zone of Special Operations: Soldiers Say Day One of ZOSO Successful

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Soldiers Say Day One of ZOSO Successful: Head of the Jamaica Defense Force, Major Basil Jarrett, who is currently leading the JDF troops during the first phase of the Zone of Special Operations implemented by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in the parish of St James, said on Friday that day one of the operations was a success.

Major Jarrett told Mckoys News that the invasion of Mount Salem community started on Friday morning, shortly after 2:00 a.m. and the troops came out in their numbers and flooded the Mount Salem community.

Major Jarrett stated that the soldiers used their expertise to get the area under control swiftly, in order to manage and control the entry points into the community. According to Major Jarrett, this move is to make way for Phase One of the Zone Operations which is known as the clearing point. The taking over of the communities may have annoyed and inconvenienced several residents in Mount Salem, but the professionalism of the JDF soldiers and the JCF officers paid off in the long run.

Phase One will now make way for Phase Two which is the Holding point where Major Jarrett and his team expect to have the community totally under their control. Then they will be able to carry out a more effective search operation.

The JDF soldiers are expected to spend the next several days carrying out personal and house to house searches in Mount Salem and this is just part of the sixty day Zone of Special Operations implemented in the parish of St James by the Prime Minister through the Ministry of National Security at midday on Friday, August 31, 2017.

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Jamaican Soldier Arrested For Chopping-Up Father to Death

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Manchester, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)  “They seemed to have come out in support of the person [McDonald]. The police had to turn out in their numbers to prevent further disturbance,” an officer reported as the soldier, 29-year-old Private Sebastian McDonald, son of the deceased was arrested in the community of Battersea, Manchester.

An upheaval was created in light of the Jamaican soldier arrested on spot, as persons believed he was being wrongfully charged.

Nowell McDonald, age 51, who was a security guard, was found dead on his floor with severe chop wounds all over his body. He was found by his colleagues, who became suspicious when he didn’t report to work or call in sick.

Wayne Cameron, Commanding Officer for the Manchester Police Superintendent said the arrest of the Private was around 1:30 am this morning. ” It is believed he fled the community after the murder was committed,” he added.

“There were no indications that Private McDonald had any personal problems with his dad, and at this point we are relying on the police to conclude their investigations into the matter,” said Major Basil Jarrett, The Jamaica Defence Force’s Civil Military Cooperation and Media Affairs Officer. “We are working closely with the police to facilitate the investigation,” he further added.

The Jamaican soldier arrested in relation to his father’s murder, is a shock to most as he and his father reportedly never had a dysfunctional relationship.

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Military Called in to Defuse Election Clash Between JLP and PNP

St. Catherine, Jamaica (McN) – The military was called in to defuse the election clash between PNP and JLP supporters.

It’s the first time the military have ever been called in to an election clash, between supporters of the People’s National Party (PNP), and supporters of the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP).

The intervention of the military in Lake’s Pen, St. Catherine, was due to an orange flag being placed in front of a poling station  for the Monday’s by election in the Greater Portmore North Division.

The political ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown and police officers were also called in. It was quelled and the proceedings followed.

PNP candidate Gary Nicholson did not have a vote, because he doesn’t live in the area, however JLP Ann-Marie  Lewis voted at the Ascott Primary after 11 am.

The Electorial Office of Jamaica (ECJ), reported that there was a 14.66% of voters turnout, between 7 am and 11 am from Greater Portmore North by election. The EOJ also stated that of the 10, 677 registered voters, 1565 ballots were cast across 38 poling stations in the 7 voting locations in the division.

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