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10 Popular Jamaican Folk Remedies Featured News Jamaica Headline News Health Jamaican News Latest Jamaican News Latest News 

10 Popular Jamaican Folk Remedies

( – 10 Popular Jamaican Folk Remedies: Many Jamaicans believe there’s a natural product to counteract every illness. With this in mind, our ancestors studied the use of herbs and their effects on the body. The result is that there’s a ‘bush’ for every ailment. Some animal products are also used for treating the sick. Be warned, this article is... Read More
“A Healthy You” by Amber Crowl – Burdock Root A Healthy You DJ Amber Crowl Featured Columnist Featured News Jamaica Headline News Health Jamaican News Latest News 

“A Healthy You” by Amber Crowl – Burdock Root

  Amber Crowl Commentator on   About: “A Healthy You” “A healthy you” is a commentary post on, where Amber Crowl shares information on food & nutrition,  and natural healing using all natural ingredients. Amber welcomes your questions and comments on Mckoy’s News. You can also send emails to   WELCOME TO “A HEALTHY YOU,” YOUR COMPREHENSIVE FEATURE FOR KNOWN AND... Read More
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