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JDF Coming to Hanover & Gov. to Give Parish $7mil to Fight Crime

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Speaking at a crime forum, in Lucea, Hanover over the weekend, Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, Ian Hayles, reported that the government will allocate $7 million to assist with crime fighting in the parish.

MP Hayles explains, that $2 million will go towards equipping the Hanover Police Division, and another $5 million, will be given to the relevant parish groups, to work in developing the youth.

He expressed concerns that with Hanover’s crime statistics, the $2 million allocated by the government for funeral and burial purposes is almost exhausted.

JDF coming to Hanover

In his speech, the Western Hanover’s Member of Parliament gave notice that members of the Jamaica Defense Force, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force, will be deployed across the parish in the coming weeks.