Sweden taking lax approach to coronavirus, top doc says it’ll ‘probably end in a historical massacre’

Following the terrible examples of China, the United States, Britain and others, Sweden has decided that coronavirus is overrated.
The European nation known for being cold and socialist has not ordered any sort of lockdown, is still allowing up to 50 people to gather in groups and has been weeks behind the rest of Europe on social distancing advice, Time Magazine reported.
A top doctor as a large Swedish hospital told Time that this lackadaisical approach will “probably end in a historical massacre.”
Real restrictions in the country only apply to those age 70 or older and other vulnerable populations, according to CNN. But restaurants, bars, schools and offices are all still open as the government hopes voluntary action from Swedes will save them.

So far, it’s not working. At least 870 Swedes have died from COVID-19, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins. That’s more than four times as many deaths as its Scandinavian neighbors, Norway (113) and Finland (48) have seen combined.
Doctors and other health experts are begging the government to actually lead and take severe action, as has been done in almost every other country not just in Europe but around the world.


Source: nydailynews

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