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Suspended Police Constable Arrested for Robbery has Now Been Charged

Police charged a 26-y-o St Ann man for illegal firearm possession, robbery

Jamaica Crime News, Portland: The  Police in the parish of Portland have confirmed that the Police Constable who is on suspension and who was arrested in connection with an armed robbery incident, which occurred in the parish on Tuesday morning of July 17th, has now been officially charged.

The police have given the name of the accused cop as Ramon Walker, 31-year-old.

Walker was charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. He is booked to appear in the Portland Parish Court on Friday.

The Manchioneal police have reported that  about 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday, July 17, an elderly couple who resides at Forte district also in Portland were  returning home from a party when they were held up by four armed men

The couple were forced inside their home by the gunmen who proceeded to rob them of cash amounting to over $700,000.

A report was later made to the Manchioneal police who later carried out an investigation into the robbery.  The investigation resulted in the arrest of Constable Walker, who was based at a station in the parish of St Thomas and said to be on suspension.

The accused cop was also fingered in a car stealing ring in the year 2014.  In the meanwhile, investigators say they are now in search of the three other robbers.

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