Suspected suicide at Police Traffic Headquarters-Elleston Road

A man identified as Devon Smith is dead after he is suspected to have committed suicide at the Police Traffic Headquarters on Elleston Road. His body was found this morning.

Smith’s body was found hanging from a piece of rope, on a staircase at the side of the police building. He is said to be a resident of the Dunkirk area in Kingston.

Further reports alleged that Smith has been released from prison recently and was fearful of returning home because he feared for his life. An eye witness told Mckoy’s News that the man was seen sitting in front the police guardroom and loitering on the premises of the police compound since yesterday morning.

Information of the suspected suicide have been confirmed by the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU).

Mckoy’s News will provide more details as they become available.


Writer- Natasha Williams.

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