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Suspect Held for Murder of his Uncle


The police apprehended a man last night, who was identified as a person of interest in the gruesome murder of his 77-year-old uncle.

A senior police source revealed that Samuel Waldo was arrested late Tuesday, in the Kencot community of the St Andrew Central Police division.

He is now being held by St Andrew North police.

Derrick ‘Reds’ Lindsay, 77, went missing from his home on Saturday, June 4, and his charred remains were recovered in bushes in Cavaliers, St Andrew, two days later.

Investigators said Waldo was a prime suspect in the murder.

Following investigations, Waldo’s residence at Brooks Level in Stony Hill was searched, and blood stains were discovered inside.

Additionally, two suitcases were missing from the residence that the two men shared.

Lorna Lindsay, Derrick’s daughter, said that her father was murdered in their home in Brooks Level, St. Andrew, and that his dismembered body was placed in two suitcases before being carried by taxi roughly five miles to a dumping site in the woodland.

The taxi driver, who was said to be chartered, reportedly brought the cops to the location in Cavaliers where he dropped off the suspect along with what seemed like luggage.

Around 11:00 a.m. on Monday, June 6, the police and community members initiated a search and discovered Lindsay’s charred, dismembered remains in the bushes.

Waldo was then asked to turn himself in to the police after unsuccessful efforts to locate him.


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