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Supporters of Booted Councillor Sylvan Reid Demonstrate


(Alan Lewin -News Reporter): Several residents in the Salt Spring division of St James held a peaceful demonstration on Monday, June 29 at the Flower Hill community centre against what they say was the unjust treatment of Councillor for the division Sylvan Reid.

Reid and Gladston Bent of the Catadupa division – both representing the People’s National party (PNP) – were dismissed from the St James Municipal  Corporation (SMC) at the monthly Council meeting, June 11.

Jamaica Labour Party Councillors who are in the majority in the SJC moved and supported a motion that the two be removed as Councillors as they had not attended three consecutive meetings. The by-laws of the SJC support that position.

The two Councillors in question have given reasons for not turning up.

However, the SMC’s decision has so far not been overturned.

The demonstrators could be seen with placards expressing support Councillor Reid. They also sang songs in favour of him.  “I will be back. Dem pick me up and lick me dung me a bounce right back, them can’t get me out, I will be back in the Council,” a confident Reid said to the large gathering. Some of the placards read: “Salt Spring Not Going Unda,” “Don’t takeaway our only hopes,”. Father Reid represented Melbourne, Flower Hill, Salt Spring, Portobello, and Meggie Top so well they should not treat him that way, said a resident.

Reid also mentioned some of his achievements since representing the division, which include his annual Christmas treat, his annual back-to-school treat and his Easter Treat. With all his treats, he said well over 3,000 children benefited.

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