Sundays Respect Gone in St James, 4 Shooting Murders Sunday Dec 3


Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News) – 4 Shooting Murders Sunday Dec 3: with the death toll in the parish of St James rising to over 300 so far for 2017, Sunday December 3, brought with it four more murders in Jamaica’s tourist capital.

MURDER NUMBER 1: The first murder was reported to have occurred about 8:00 a.m. when a man was discovered shot dead at Dappa Lane in Glendevon, St. James, after a barrage of gunfire was heard. Dead is 21-year-old Glendevon resident Ricardo Robinson.

MURDER NUMBER 2: Later at about 10:15 am residents summoned police to the second killing. That of a taxi operator in his late 50ies, also of a Glendevon address. He was shot and killed by unknown assailants along the Salt Spring main road.

MURDER NUMBER 3: While police were on the scene of this taxi driver’s murder, officers were alerted to another shooting in “Red Dirt,”Flankers , also in St James; where a woman was shot dead and a man shot and injured as they walking through a lane together. The deceased is 22-year-old Keisha Cole of Hog City in Flankers. The injured male was admitted to hospital in serious condition.

MURDER NUMBER 4: Then later Sunday morning as the crime scene investigators carried out their duties, two men were shot-up in a drive by, as they walked along Merriam Way in Montego Bay. Both victims were rushed to hospital, where one man was pronounced dead and the other admitted.

Photo: Unrelated Crime Scene Photo

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