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‘Sugar Daddies’ date gave teen some money. Then she shot him in the stomach

Thomas Licata, 56, picked up his 15-year-old date up at a gas station last week, he told police.

He and Raelyn Domingo then went to his Beaverton, Oregon home, where they spent time in his music room and smoked from his vape pen, according to court documents, KOIN reported. When she asked for money, he gave her $260, authorities said.

Domingo got up to use the bathroom, police said. She returned with a gun — and shot Licata in the stomach, authorities said, the news station reported. She allegedly demanded more money from him, but he’d given her all his cash, Oregonlive reported.

“From what we know, she shot him unprovoked,” Deputy Jeff Talbot, a spokesman with the Washington County Sheriff’s office, told Oregonlive.

Miami Herald

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