Exclusive: Popular Trend of Students having Sex in Buses is Intolerable

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Students having Sex in Buses: It is wrong to have sex on buses. School Children must DESIST!

Nowadays it may want to appear as if school children have lost their morals while growing into young adults. There is an internal challenge between doing the right things and doing the wrong things owing to the negative influences that are present in this harsh world. However, to survive this, one has to garner the importance of morals and gradually develop it.

Morals speak to the standards of behavior or principles of right and wrong.  Some students, even when corrected, still revert to doing the odd and unacceptable practices in their teenage years, which is proven to have deleterious effects on their development of character. One such practice is sex on school buses.

It is really embarrassing to see or imagine some students congregating at the back of the ‘HYPE’ buses, entertaining lascivious and indecent behavior through the lewd music playing, and influence other young students to participate. Based on an investigation by McKoy’s New Team, we find that sex on school buses in the Montego Bay Region has become widespread which is not highlighting this region in a good manner.

I am not insinuating that teenagers should not have sex if they choose to do so, however, safe, private areas, with legal consent and safe sex practices, are some of the simple recommendations that they can give thought to.

Having sex in the public’s eye is an absolute NO NO and it should not be practiced. Why?

It lowers the respect of your character and it presents you in an insolent manner, which I am sure would not reflect well.

It is of utmost importance that the drivers and conductors of these buses are all informed that proper governance of students should be evident in their daily transportation service provided to students.

Additionally, Drivers and Conductors should be informed that the life and safety of the students are in their hands until the students reach their separate destinations. Let us learn what is Right from Wrong and practice the Right.

Students, desist from having Sex on School Buses.



By: Ackeem Smith

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