Student Not Surprised At Gaining Nine CSEC Subjects with Distinctions

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Jamaica News: Copping nine distinctions in the recent Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations came as no surprise to student of Wolmer’s Boys School, Nethaneel Campbell.

In an interview with JIS News, Nethaneel said he knew his hard work and time invested in studying late at nights for the subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, Geography, Spanish, Social Studies, Mathematics and English Language – would pay off, and it did, resulting in him getting grade one in all.

“In the nights, I would try to get in 30 minutes of at least four subjects for each night coming closer to [the month of] March. I mostly engaged in group study with some of my friends. We helped each other out on topics that we didn’t understand,” Nethaneel said.

“I also used online platforms such as YouTube to help me, because YouTube is a very rich resource in terms of information. I went on YouTube and I researched each topic and a lot of information came up and it was very helpful to me,” he added.

Nethaneel told JIS News that he was successful, not only because he believed he could pass all his subjects but also because he obeyed his parents, Marlene Campbell and Edmond Campbell.

“My parents told me to make a timetable that would help me to structure my days, and that would organise me [and] help me to get the most out of the studies,” he said.

Nethaneel also explained that he blocked out peer pressure as well to achieve. “I am not influenced that easily by peer pressure. There are good influences around me as well, so I used that to overcome. My parents grew me respectful, and I know what is good and what is wrong, so I blocked out the negativity,” the Christian youth, who worships at Miracle Valley Apostolic Church, said.
Like many students who sat CSEC this year, Nethaneel said he faced challenges during the period he studied for his exams.

“The main challenge was time management, deadlines for School Based Assessments (SBAs), coursework for school and taking time to socialise and doing recreational activities that could cut into the time that I had to study, but I tried my best to manage and balance it out,” he said.

Nethaneel said the subject that challenged him most was Physics. “When it was approaching the Physics exam, I attended a marathon the day before. The teacher was talking and we didn’t understand most of the stuff, and the night before the exam, I was trying to cram most of the information in, but I never felt 100 per cent confident as usual,” Nethaneel said.

“So, the next day, I arrived at school early, and I went to a secluded area where no one could find me. I was studying and trying to get in a lot of information, and then it came down to five minutes before the examination. I don’t know how, but a friend found me and asked me if I studied transformers, and I said no, then I rushed into the book and studied transformers five minutes before the examination. When I went into the examination and saw transformers on the paper, I just gave God thanks, because that was nothing short of a miracle,” he said.

Now that he has fulfilled his objective of passing nine subjects with distinctions, Nethaneel is proud of himself.

“I’m actually very proud of myself. I feel good about it,” he told JIS News.

The 16-year-old said he is now hoping that Wolm

er’s Boys’ School will offer him a place in their sixth-form programme.

Regarding his future career path, Nethaneel said he is still exploring his options. “I am not 100 per cent certain as to which career I want to go into, but I’m thinking along the lines of science,” he said.

“I have a love for the science subjects, and I also have a love for mathematics since I was very young, so I want to pursue a degree between engineering and medicine,” he told JIS News.


Source: JIS News

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