Student Duppy Terrorizing School Bus in Montego Bay

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay: Dozens of students traveling from their prominent high school in the countryside to their downtown destinations in Montego Bay, were sent scampering from the school bus,  after one student reported seeing a young man who had died several months ago,  sitting beside her.

Traffic came to a halt on Monday evening, when the driver of the bus and the conductor jumped from the vehicle and joined the fleeing students along a section of the Howard Cook Highway.

The Toyota coaster bus was abandoned, with what they claim to be the duppy(ghost) of the deceased student still sitting inside.

Our news team spoke to one female student,  who gave her horrific encounter.  “sir mi sit down on the back seat a di bus, and mi see when a hand hug mi up, but mi did think a one a di bwoy them beside mi a play wid mi so mi tell  him fi behave himself “

The trembling female student went on to mention, “wen mi look the hand start play inna mi hair and mi spin round and a dat time mi realize that one boy who use to go a mi school and him dead some months ago “.

The students stated that the duppy made himself visible for everybody on the bus to see.

We were told that he was a very jovial student and always travels on that same bus along with his friends. Each evening they would sit, talk, laugh and have fun with the female students, until he met a tragic end by drowning,  some time ago.

The students stated that they would not be traveling on that particular bus again, as it is being haunted by the student duppy.


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