Stronger Action Against Traffic Offenders Sept. 1

Jamaica News: Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in charge of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB), Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh, says as of September 1, the police will commence taking offenders of road rules to a Customer Service Centre immediately after being caught.

Speaking at the inaugural International Symposium on Traffic Crash Investigation and Black Box Analysis at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), on Monday (August 26), Dr. Welsh said this new method will help with reducing repeat offenders who commit multiple offences and fail to either pay or go to court.

“We are going to set up Customer Service Centres, especially in Kingston, for our customers who run afoul of the Road Traffic Act. You will not be pulled over on the Highway or in the narrow corridors. You’ll be taken off the road [and to the Customer Service Centre],” ACP Welsh said.

“The first place we’ve identified is [the] Police Officers’ Club… where you will go through the same procedure you go through when you go for a visa at the US Embassy or when you go to the bank,” he explained.

ACP Welsh said a Customer Service Numeric System has been ordered, which will guide the order in which persons brought to Centre will be served.

He pointed out that when persons go to a Customer Service Centre, the authorities will run their driver’s licence to see if they have outstanding warrants.

“We’re going to check the affiliation desk to see if you owe child support. We’re going to check to see if you are on our list, and to see if you’re part of a gang,” ACP Welsh said.

Additionally, he said the police will increase its efforts to take traffic violators with summonses to court.

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“Since the numbers on the traffic ticketing system seem to be mounting up, we’re going to switch focus and start using the 18 summons. What’s an 18 summons? It removes the option for you to go and pay. You’ll go straight to court, and we are going to work with the courts to get the warrants out much faster,” ACP Welsh said.

“We are going to remove discretion, so that people understand that the law has teeth… When we work hard and we find you, wherever we find you, you will come with us. We think that we will have time to do this on Friday afternoons. Court is usually Tuesday,” he said.

ACP Welsh said there are currently about 40,000 warrants for persons and appealed to them to go in to the police.

“If you suspect that you have a warrant outstanding, we have opened a desk at Lower Elletson Road where we are. You may come in and negotiate when it is you want to be arrested. You have that opportunity to do it now. Come September 1, that will not exist,” he said.


Source: JIS News

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