I liked Him, said Lisa. I also liked her too said the street dancer (Check It Out) Two of the most popular street person have started to form a bond.

In recent times, Dancer, Check It Out and Lisa have become so close that one might think that they may put themselves together and get married and leave the street life. Last week when persons were offering to Check It Out money he referred them to give Lisa the money as she may be the head of the house. For several years now they have been on the streets where many people have given them money to buy food.

The only objection that Lisa have is not taking up Check It Out’s offer was the fact that he had nowhere to put her if they were to really come together as intimate friends. At the moment Dancer Check It Out said he don’t really want any woman.

He stated, “Women are stress, they only want to eat out your money and send you to the poorhouse, that’s one place I don’t want to end up, I’m not a madman, I am just in an unfortunate condition…”

He also stated that he hailed from the Cambridge community and it was circumstances why he left the community. Many people who came in contact with him have expressed gratitude for his mannerism when begging. He has manners, and when you give him something he says thank you and when he is asking he says please.

‘I really liked his attitudes.’ said a lady who always gave him a coin or two.

By: Allan Lewin

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