Stormy Daniels Target by Vice Cops at Strip Club … Eyewitness Claims

(TMZ)- Stormy Daniels Target by Vice Cops at Strip Club … Eyewitness Claims: Stormy Daniels is now in the crosshairs of Columbus, Ohio prosecutors … and our sources say the cops were gunning for her.

A source connected with the club where Stormy performed tells TMZ, the undercover vice officers waited in the back of the club for Stormy to take the stage, and it looked clear to her they were gunning for Trump‘s nemesis.

That said, we have reviewed court records and found that cops have amped up enforcement of the law this year. The law — which prohibits nude or semi-nude strippers from allowing patrons to touch them — was passed in 2007. Up until 2017, there were a total of 21 arrests. In 2018, Stormy is the 23rd stripper to be arrested under the law, so it’s clear cops are cracking down.

Two other strippers at the club were arrested along with Stormy.


Source: TMZ

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