Cold Blooded MURDER: Stony Hill Twin Sister Shot Over Seven Times

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News): A Stony Hill twin sister is grieving the person whom she shared a womb with, as she struggles for reason in the vicious death of her sister. The Macada and Macalla duo will be no more – one half of the 23-year-old was gunned down in St Andrew, near their home

The dead twin is Macada Reid of Stony Hill, in St Andrew.

Reports reaching Mckoy’s News, are that Reid was shot and killed on Airy Castle Road in Stony Hill, St Andrew, minutes after leaving home for work, accompanied by a male.

Allegedly, at a section of Airy Castle Road, a man brandishing a hand gun attacked the pair with a rain of gunfire, shooting Reid over seven times.

Both were rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was pronounced dead, and her male companion admitted in serious condition.

Her grieving twin sister, told the media that her sister was not known to be in any trouble with anyone. She is very hurt that her sister was spayed with bullets.

“July 8 is going to be a tough day for me cause normally we go out on our birthday together,” twin Macalla lamented.

The mother of the twins said when she heard the gunshots she was preparing to leave for work and called her co-worker to not come and get her, because she could not attempt to leave in the barrage of shots firing.

 “And when I heard the balling out I heard someone said Macada and when I got there is my daughter that mi see lie down inna the road, stand still not saying a thing.” said Macada’s mom

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