Stolen Baby, Nyyear Frank Found

A baby who was stolen in October 2019 from his teen mother is believed to have been found. The young mother of baby Nyyear Frank, who was stolen when he was 5 weeks old, is said to be certain the baby recovered is Nyyear.

The story made headlines last year when the infant was stolen after his 17-year-old mother Aaliah Wray was kidnapped as she walked along Rousseau Road in St Andrew, with her baby to meet someone who had promised her baby clothes. She was reportedly accosted by men who forced her into a motor vehicle before they pushed her out, without her baby. She has been trying to locate the baby ever since.

The police have taken a woman in custody for stealing the baby and she is being questioned. The authorities are awaiting DNA confirmation that the infant found is indeed baby Nyyear.


Source: Ripe Mango News

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