Stefflon Don Says Her Brother Is Wanted By UK Cops For Black Lives Matter Protest Post

British deejay Stefflon Don says her brother Dutchavelli is being targeted by the Metropolitan Police for making an Instagram post that he was going to attend a Black Lives Matter march last Saturday.

The Instagram post made by Dutchavelli, who was let out from prison under licence after being remanded on home invasion and armed robbery charges, apparently breached the conditions of his release.

Dutchavelli whose given name is Stephan Allen was given a 22-month jail sentence for perverting the course of justice but was reportedly placed on probation.  He had attempted to persuade a witness not to give evidence in an armed robbery case in which he was implicated and later acquitted, according to the Kent Online news outlet.

On Monday, Stefflon, whose real name is Stephanie Allen, posted on her Twitter and Instagram pages that her brother was wanted by the police ‘all because he went on Instagram and said that he was going to the BLM protest in London’.   She also said Dutchavelli did not attend the event and that he was a victim of “systematic oppression”.

“I’m so proud of my brother and all of his current achievements.  They see him doing well and they are upset because they want all black hood boys to stay in the hood, die or continue to commit crimes so they can profit,” she wrote.

“Prison is a business…My brother used to fix headphones for @virginatlantic in prison and get £8 a week for doing this slave labour.   And my other brother used to make chairs for @dfs in jail!   But when they come out they can’t get a job?   Systematic oppression is very much alive and real. @metropolice_uk, how is this ok?” she questioned.

The Boasty artiste, who is of Jamaican heritage, also accused the police of bursting into her sister’s house “while her child was there, ransacked it and searched everywhere for him”.  According to her, she was awaiting word from Dutchavelli’s probation officer who is trying to resolve the case, for an update, but other solutions will be found if this did not work out.

Many of Stefflon’s loyal fans on Instagram, like Lisa Hyper came out in support of her, stating “So True Talk Express Yourself BadGyal.  A Some Wicked Dem.”

But in several cases, Stefflon was not so lucky as she was severely reprimanded, by followers who claimed her brother was a nincompoop to announce that he was going to the BLM protest, whilst on license.

Others felt that she was disingenuously exploiting the current strained racial climate, to make the case for her brother to keep him from being put back behind bars.

“Stop it!  Prison is not a business.  This is England, not the States.  Her Majesty’s prison is not some private prison.  Do the crime, do the time; that the game.   Abide by the license then and don’t get the recall,” one fan rebuked.

“License laws are simple.  You break them, you get recalled until your license is up or if it’s longer than a year, you go in front a parole board.  He knows the rules,” another stated.

A sarcastic fan displayed a newspaper article which outlined the criminal act Dutchavelli had been accused of committing, and implied that those were probably ‘the achievements’ of which Stefflon Don was saying she was proud.


Source: Dancehallmag

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