State Minister Emphasises Role Of Youth In National Development

Jamaica News: State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, says Jamaica is blessed with young people who can drive the island’s transition to a developed country.

“You are wired to the world, and you have information, knowledge and power at the tips of your fingers,” he said.

Consequently, Mr. Terrelonge said the Government and other well-thinking stakeholders “have a responsibility to ensure that with every generation that passes, Jamaica becomes [a] better place… the place of choice to work, do business, raise families and to live your most prosperous life”.

“To do that, we must ensure that our youth are engaged; we must ensure that every single one of you is educated; we must ensure that every single one of you is included, so that you can ensure that you hold Jamaica in trust for the next generation,” the State Minster added.

He was addressing stakeholders during the Youth Month Church Service at Holy Cross Moravian Church in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, on November 3.

Meanwhile, Mr. Terrelonge encouraged the nation’s youth to recognise that they have the ability to “make a difference”, noting that “as leaders and policymakers, we hold Jamaica in trust for you”.

Against this background, he underscored the importance of their getting an education and becoming critical thinkers.

“Never forget that an education is liberating. A mind that is educated is a mind that no one can control. So learn to think critically, learn to chart your own courses… . That is the power of youth,” Mr. Terrelonge added.

Youth Month 2019 is being celebrated throughout November under the theme, ‘Jamaican Youth are L.I.T. They Lead, Inspire and Transform our Nation’.



Source: JIS News

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